Business law

Topics: Law, Common law, Civil law Pages: 12 (2477 words) Published: October 9, 2014

Vietnam National University – HCMC
International University


Introduction to
Vietnamese Legal System

Note: The outline with specific venue and time, and updated learning materials for the current semester will be provided to the enrolled students by the lecturer


Lecturer: LLM Ta Diu Thuong
Room: L108
Telephone: 0822114034
Consultation Hours: 14.00 – 15.30 every Friday

Teaching Assistant: Nguyen Ngoc Hoang Nam
Telephone: 0908554001
Consultation Hours: 02 (two)
Should the students wish to meet the staff outside the consultation hours, they are advised to make appointment in advance.

2 2.1 Teaching times and Locations
Lecture: TBA
Venue: L 109
2 2.2 Units of Credit
This course is worth 3 credits.

2.3 Parallel teaching in the course

There is no parallel teaching involved in this course.

2.4 Relationship of this course to others

BA167IU – Introduction to Vietnamese Legal System is pre-requisite subject to other Law subjects, such as Business Law and Legal Environment for Businesses, as well as other elective courses such as Franchising.

2.5 Approach to learning and teaching

This is a foundation course so materials will be mainly presented in the form of lecturing. Besides, students will occasionally have opportunity to have presentation before class to develop team-work and soft-skills. To improve research ability and personal work skill, assignments are compulsory. Assignments will mainly based on materials not yet taught during lesson and help students to develop problem-solving skill, especially legal cases. Q&A session, regularly held at the end of each lesson’s part is not only a chance for students to clarify the studying materials, but also learn how to answer in a most efficient way to get as much as possible knowledge and academically discuss with lecturers/peers points of interests.


3.1 Course Aims
The aim of this course is to:
Familiarize the student with legal language; basic concepts, principles and genral knowledge of Vietnamese legal system. Introduce to students about legal branches, i.e constitutional, civil, business laws and etc., that serve the foundation of Vietnamese legal system Increase the student’s understanding of the Vietnamese legal system and how it functions. Expose the student to legal reasoning and develop his/her ability to apply legal concepts. Encourage the student to engage in critical thinking of the legal implications. Develop problem solving and legal analyzing skills and apply it to day-to-day practical situations.

3.2 Student Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, students should have:
Basic knowledge on Vietnamese legal system and its main concepts, principles. Knowledge on specific branch of laws under this system and how it shapes in the whole system Analyzing and problem-solving skills to be applied to practical cases

In generic terms, students completing this course are likely to achieve the following attributes: Applied research. Conduct, write and present applied research relevant to this course. Situational exploration. Critically appreciate situations, in terms of their factual, political, temporal, and cultural dimensions. Problem resolution. Structure and propose solutions to organisational problems that enable management to guide multinational organizations through complex and ambiguous environments. Argument and reasoning. Analyse, evaluate and construct arguments employing different modes of reasoning and different types of evidence. Disciplinary and multidisciplinary perspective. Bring disciplinary and multi-disciplinary perspectives in straightening out situations and projecting possible outcomes. Profound knowledge of...
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