Business Investment Is Good in Afghanistan

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Mohammad Nasim Rahimi
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Business Investment Is Good in Afghanistan
In fact, business investment in Afghanistan has begun a very short time ago. The reason that businessmen did not invest in that time was because they did not have enough opportunities. Also, the businessmen and investors were not seeing any income in Afghanistan. Besides, there were many other reasons which were avoiding investors to invest in this devastated country. However, some Afghan and foreigner businessmen became interested to invest in Afghanistan since the new government established within the country. In a personal interview with Abdul Nafay, deputy minister of Commerce & Industry, he said, “Since the process of peace and stability is strengthening in recent days, now it is the best time for businessmen to invest in Afghanistan.” Actually, investment depends on the amount of money, its location, consideration of public demands and its efficient and effective use. Manufacturing and rebuilding is evidence of good investment in Afghanistan which gives a reliable choice to the businessmen to invest in Afghanistan. Low labor cost? Of course there are. Drawback? It will be to a certain extent. In addition to that, lots of opportunities? No doubt about that. Low labor cost is one of the good reasons to invest in Afghanistan. Furthermore, there is an abundance of both skilled and unskilled labors in Afghanistan whom are willing to work for reasonable salary. Moreover, it is obvious that most Afghans are the victim of unemployment. Abdul Nafay, in a personal interview, said that Afghanistan can provide labors with suitable salary. Every Afghan would like to have a job in order to support his/her family. Whether it is a better, good or fair job, Afghans will accept it. If any investor invests in this country, of course, the labor’s cost will be in a low level in contrast to those countries which have good job opportunities. Afghanistan’s...

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