Business Information Systems

Topics: Decision theory, Decision support system, Information systems Pages: 4 (981 words) Published: April 30, 2014
Montrell King
Business Information System
Dr. Butts

1. In the world today, businesses need knowledge management systems to help gain strategic advantages. Knowledge management systems are information systems that support the creation, organization, and dissemination of business knowledge to employees and managers throughout a company .Gaining a strategic advantage over competitors requires the innovative application of information technologies. For example, store management might make a decision to install touch-screen kiosks in all stores, with links to e-commerce Web site for online shopping. This offering might attract new customers and build customer loyalty because of the ease of shopping and buying merchandise provided by such information systems. Thus, strategic information systems can help provide products and services that give a business a comparative advantage over its competitors. 2. Business managers face several challenges managing the successful and ethical development and use of information technology. Success in today’s dynamic business environment depends heavily on maximizing the use of Internet-based technologies and Web-enabled information systems to meet the competitive requirements of customers, suppliers, and other business partners in a global marketplace .Some examples include the speed and flexibility requirements of product development, manufacturing, and delivery cycles. Another challenge they face is the reengineering and cross-functional integration of business processes using Internet technologies. Business managers also have challenges with the integration of e-business and e-commerce into the organization’s strategies, processes, structure, and culture. 3. Knowledge of information systems proves to be very important to business professionals. Information systems such as (MIS) provide information in the form of reports and displays to managers and many business professionals. For example, sales...
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