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Executive Information System Failure at “Garden co”
It is well known that executive information systems (EIS) are high risk systems to implement and maintain. GARDENCO is a well-established manufacturing and distribution company in New Zealand. In 1989 the company secretary, who was well known for innovative ideas, decided that senior management needed an EIS to monitor their business performance more closely. Work commenced on the EIS in 1989 but the system was eventually abandoned in 1994. GARDENCO was founded 160 years ago as a family business in England and in 1883 a subsidiary was set up in Auckland, New Zealand. The company was run by conservative management until the 1980s when its management went through extensive restructuring as a result of five changes in ownership (including one of statutory management during which time it was sold to an Australian investment company). Between 1989 and 1994 GARDENCO had seven branches in New Zealand and approximately 250 staff, with its main business focuses on seed and bulb production, plant health and consumer products. The company had an international focus and was both an importer of raw materials and exporter of seed products to over 80 countries. It became a worldwide market leader in packet seeds during this period and in 1991 it moved into the Japanese market as an exporter of bark products. The company experienced steady growth during 1989-1994, even though many companies in New Zealand were struggling financially because of the effect of an economic downturn. The management stated that during economic downturns in the economy the gardening industry often experiences an accelerated growth in sales and they believe that this is because people revert to gardening during difficult times. Executive Information System

In 1989 the company secretary proposed an EIS to senior management and in early 1990 an external consultant was employed to develop an EIS requirements document. No progress was made on the system for 8 months. They implemented the EIS in their company but this system was not properly working in the firm & they do not extracting the true benefits. Problem Statement

As the problem stated above that the company is facing difficulties in the proper implementation of EIS. In this project we will find out What are the issues in the implementing of EIS?
we will suggest the solution to cover up this problem

Analysis of the Case
In the initial stages of the project the Executive Information System (EIS) appeared to have had a high chance of succeeding: the organization was economically sound and was experiencing high profits, there was support from senior management, the requirements were gathered professionally and technical expertise was available for the development. The issues that threatened the system were the sponsor leaving during the implementation, the time taken to develop the system, the change in staff and the resulting technical problems. In this research project the Executive Information System (EIS) was studied from the perspective of the major stakeholders. All the stakeholders interviewed were cautious about giving their opinions as to why the Executive Information System (EIS) failed and no obvious political issues were brought out during any of the interviews. The only possible political influence that arose during the interviews was the negative attitude that the technician had about the system and the possibility of a connection between the MIS manager’s resignation and the technician’s promotion into that position. When the company secretary left he was comfortable with the progress of the system and had no doubts that it would be successful. He also had full confidence in the software house that was doing the programming as it was the same company that had written their sales analysis package which was working well. In his opinion one of the reasons why the system may have failed was because...
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