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Reasons behind selecting Convertible Tablet PC:

According to the above description of the mobile devices and our analysis regard business case, we recommend to select convertible tablet PC due to the below reasons:

1. It has the power of notebook but with higher mobility that serves the organization’s employees while they are on the move.
2. It provides the ability to have flexibility and ease of use for designing purpose using a pen like also to reduce time of typewriting using keyboard through handwriting using the pen too. It also provides the ability of using a keyboard and a mouse while switching to laptop mode.

3. It is possible to connect to Internet and share designs with customers and employees using the Wi-Fi or even sharing through Bluetooth wireless connections.

4. Since screen size varies from 8-15 inches, it is possible to place it on a desk and connect large monitors, keyboard or even network. Normally, 15 or 12 inches tablet PC is good for the vision.

5. The appropriate processor for the graphical designs would be the Intel Core i7 with a CPU speed 2.66GHz. Actually, this type of processor is available in the modern convertible tablets such as Toshiba M780 (Conrad H. Blickenstorfer,2010)

To enhance this with a real example we recommend getting the Toshiba M780.

Figure 1 The three strands of business information management ( Chaffey,2005) Figure 1 The three strands of business information management ( Chaffey,2005)


Information Quality: This factor has the power to determine the effectiveness of our business information management. If our information quality poor then our business processes will not be performed efficiently. Information quality enhances business performance and support in decision-making. Therefore a number of quality attributes in information must be satisfied such as Fitness to purpose, Completeness, Relevancy, Accuracy, Consistency, Timeliness and the form how information is presented.

For business organization, the transformation process must follow the five stages: 1-Data capture or input.
2-Directing data to the appropriate location for processing. 3-Perform processing of data to produce and result information. 4-Distribute information to the required users.
5-Interpret and analysis information by users and their associated knowledge such as experience and skills.


Information types and sources

-Structured: presented in the form of tables, figures and report. -Unstructured: presented as ad hoc or orally.
-Formal: forms formal part in report or communication.
-Informal: presented informally during and ad hoc conversation or via emails.

Information life cycle
Information is a significant resource in organization therefore; information life cycle management must be involved for the success of business that starts from information creation until destroying them. Information life cycle consist form the following stages capture, organize, process, maintain and destroy as depicted in FIGURE !!!

Technology resource

Software Applications:
Challenges: make the right decision about the required and appropriate applications portfolio is a major challenge for our architect firm. Application portfolio is the best collection of applications and the size of this mix varies with organization’s size and needs. Application software has the power to bring valuable business because of their support to business processes and information management. According to this, we must select the appropriate application software to support our business. Therefore, we must be aware about the application software main categories that are applications to run across the business organization, specialist applications to run across specific departments and application for individual and group work. Also, application software can be categorized to another levels to support decision-making and control in...
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