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Topics: Immanuel Kant, Peter Singer, Ford Motor Company Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: August 28, 2014
Learning Log: 1st reading log/week 2
Lecture 1 Required Reading Reference: Velasquez, M. (2012). Business ethics: concepts and cases, (7th ed.) (pp. 76-83). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson. (Utilitarianism). Lecture 1 Additional Reading Reference: Taylor, A. (2008). Examined Life: Peter Singer on our obligation to alleviate suffering [video file]. Retrieved from: Record a brief description of what the required reading was about. What responses do you have to the reading or video e.g. fresh understandings, opinions, insights or questions? What connections does the related additional reading or video have with the required reading or video? How does it reinforce or critique the ideas in the required reading/video?  This reading presents us the approach of Utilitarianism, real life cases that related to Utilitarianism, three common mistakes that people usually make when they applying Utilitarianism and the difficulties of measuring utility. Case 1

When Ford motor company was having dilemma of modifying pinto’s gas tank or keep the original design, they chose to use Utilitarian approach to calculate the utility of both options and the result is cost over benefit, so they chose to risk their customers’ lives rather than correcting their poorly designed cars. Case 2

Lawrence summers The director of the white house wrote a memo that proposed shipping wastes form rich countries to poor countries is a beneficial action to world’s welfare and he make 4 arguments and I think the first 3 are supported by Utilitarianism.  Understandings: Utilitarianism support that the right action is one that produces the most utility and minimizing the negatives, and the utility that produced by the action is not only for the person performing the action but also for all person involved in the action. Question:

In the end of the reading it clearly states that health and life is beyond measuring, but Ford company and Lawrence they are...
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