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Topics: Household income in the United States, American Chinese cuisine, Chinese cuisine Pages: 6 (1881 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Individual project

-Five new business opportunities

Muchen Peng


Part A: Five new business opportunities

1. Creating a club of teaching people how to cook Chinese food in St. John’s

As far as I am concerned, majority of Canadians loves Chinese food because every time I go to Chinese restaurant in St. John’s, I could see natives eating Chinese food such as dumplings around me or taking out these foods from restaurant. One of my friend who come from Quebec also told me she loves Chinese food and her mother learn how to cooking it on websites. Besides this, Chinese students as me, after go aboard for studying, we must learn how to cook by ourselves. If we could find a chef to teach us, that will be more easy for us to learn. There are already have many cooking companies in China, but for people who do not live in China may difficult to find an appropriate place to learn cooking Chinese food and communicate with others who are interested in this as well. Thus, it may be a new business area of set up a Chinese cooking club. Company need hire an experienced senior chef form China, rent a house and buy at least one set of kitchen ware for teaching. Then create a regular schedule of teaching class; for example, teaching class could be twice a week on weekends. Company can make profit by charge the tuition fee of learning. Moreover, customers also can pay money to ask the chef come to their house to teach.The target market is the population who interested in Chinese food such as 28-year old above women, and low-middle income level families or above.

2. Setting up a website which collecting information from overseas students for parents whose children go abroad.

According to some reports about overseas study shows that there are around one hundred thousand population choose to go abroad annually in China. Due to the difficulty and complexity of grant a visa, student’s parents usually cannot go together with them. Especially for some parents who have their own work to do, they must have to stay in their homeland. Nonetheless, student’s parents are more care about information of overseas study and live than themselves; they want to know whether we are good or not. It is necessary to set a website for providing parents an online chat platform for communicating with each other to share their experience. We will not only put all the information about environment of overseas university, but also upload student's live photos on a unique album. In order to make profit, our business could corporate with travel agency and Airline Company. We will create some space on website for those companies to do the advertisements. Parents can buy cheaper tickets if they are willing to be our member. The target market is the parents who have children study go abroad, around 35 years old above, and mid-high level income families.

3. Building a pets company which provide pets hospital and pets market for people adopt animals near by downtown of my hometown.

My dog has been ill in recent days, but my families could not find a well performance pets hospital in our hometown. They must go to another city which is about two hours ride away by car to seek a proper pet hospital. Three days ago, my dog became very sick; it could not stand at all at midnight. However, my families have to wait because the hospital is far away and we could not go there in a midnight. It is very inconvenient and inefficient for my mother to take a round trip between two cities. Therefore, I will build a regular pet hospital in my hometown. Since love pets so much, I will really enjoy devoting myself in this job. Initially, I need hire some experts of veterinarian in order to treat pets professionally. My pets hospital will be multifunctional, people can not only bring their pets to see the doctor, but also do pet beauty such as pets bath and hair repair. Moreover, I will secure...
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