Business Events

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Describe the size, form, and content of events in this context: explain how the various events are classified and why (think globally)

Business Events:

Business events can come in all shapes and sizes; both public and private, from a grassroots computer-swap-meet in one’s locality to international trade conventions and car shows in exhibition centres. If there is a product, there is a business event to promote it.

A business event is an umbrella term for any event where the aim is to “...enhance commercial activities.” (O’Toole, 51) Consequently, a business event can include exhibitions, conferences, conventions, meetings- even a product launch is classified as a business event as it’s aim is to leverage consumers to adopt increased knowledge of a product. In turn, this knowledge may be stored until a desire; need or want is developed within the consumer, whereby they evaluate their options based on their knowledge and make a purchasing decision.

Generally, a business event consists of at least 15 patrons with a common interest, background or goal. They can run for a sole two hour period such as a meeting, a 24 hour period such as a convention, or across a week such as a trade show.

In Europe and Asia some international trade shows can last well over a month. An example of this is China’s Canton Import and Export Fair, attracting 6.14 million international buyers, where “…the exhibition space of one session reaches 1.16 million square metres…[and] the number of exhibitors [can] increase to over 24,000.” (

Of course, an event of this size and duration is broken down into certain phases across the whole duration. This ensures targeted patrons attend the phase relevant for their business and interests. In turn, allowing exhibitors to better position themselves for promotion of already developed consumer requirements. Appendix One provides an extract of HIA Homeshow demographic data used to incite existing exhibitors to partake in

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