business etiquettes in sweden

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Keep in mind that Swedish culture is calm and reserved. Please respect the personal space of your Swedish colleagues. Avoid standing too close, speaking too loudly or gesturing too passionately. Please avoid using superlatives, as this is a sign of insincerity. By demonstrating proficiency in Swedish business etiquette, you will impress your colleagues and demonstrate your aptitude in the business world. Swedish Business Meeting Etiquette

Proper business etiquette for Swedish meetings is distinct from that in the United States and in many other countries. Here are some business etiquette tips to help you appropriately interact with your Swedish colleagues: Be punctual - If you are going to be late, please call. If you are going to be more than 30 minutes late, offer your Swedish colleague the option to reschedule. However, do not be early. You might create a situation of discomfort for your Swedish colleague. Communicate Directly - Swedes communicate directly, getting straight to the facts. They do not speak loudly or gesture passionately. Please follow their lead. If you appear emotional, your Swedish colleagues may try to calm you down. Always remain calm and reserved during negotiations. Please do not use superlatives. Swedes see this as insincere. Be prepared for silence - Swedes are comfortable with silence during conversation. Please do not try to fill these silences unnecessarily. Do not expect small talk - Swedes prefer to get to business directly. If you don't speak Swedish, consider hiring a Swedish translator or interpreter to demonstrate your professionalism and facilitate communication. Do not wear flashy clothes - Swedes discourage ostentatious displays of wealth. Senior business people and lower ranking business people do not dress any differently from each other, as doing so would mark status. Make sure your clothes are neat and clean. Please avoid glitzy...
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