Business Ethics in China

Topics: Human rights, Multinational corporation, Timeline of labor issues and events Pages: 5 (1848 words) Published: February 19, 2013

Topic 1: How can you as an MBA student apply Prof. Christensen’s ideas to your own life? When your life draws to a close, what traits, goals, achievements, or characteristics do you think you will place most value on?

Before I watch the video and article from Prof. Christensen, I place most value on my achievements that are related to money. I have been taught and influenced that money is a valuable resource such that my personality trait will be that of a diligent, hardworking person who spends cautiously. I work hard and achieve success at work; I continue to go to business school because the influences from the past impact my values and beliefs in the ability to perform successfully at work. However, Prof. Christensen is right that this is not the way to measure your success especially when your life draws to a close.

Be loving, sympathetic, concerned, respectful are the valuable goals that I will place most value on. It is very difficult in today’s society especially life tends to get so busy to make money that we forget to allocate resources to our most valued relationships such as our parents, wife/husband, children or even our friends. You can gain respects from people base on your achievements or money that you make, but this is only considered as small wins, in order to achieve your big win in your whole life, only morality and virtue count. 小贏靠智, 大贏靠德.

Topic 2: i) Think about your current or previous employer: what CSR theory did/does that company ascribe to? Please provide examples of why.

My current employer ascribe to ethical theories, which focus on ethical requirements between business and society. The business natures are catalogue and home improvement business with 2 brands and offer over 40,000 different types of products to consumers in UK. With over 45,000 containers of products are imported annually, the primarily focus on CSR is the reduction of environmental impacts to the society such as reducing waste, carbon footprints and energy consumption in order to reinforce their corporate reputation. Every year, the business will show how much waste has been reduced in each retail store to increase public awareness. For example last year, over 90% of waste is now recycled, overall waste produced has reduced by a further 10% year on year and overall carbon footprint has decreased by 9%. By showing this, customers can realize how much effort that the business has put in CSR and continue to shop.

Topic 2: (ii) Pretend you are starting a new company. What CSR theory would you choose to use for your new company? Why?

I would consider ethical theories, which focus on the right thing to achieve a good society. Nowadays, consumers expect companies to consider their impact on society as much as their own business interests. Business could damage their profitability by failing to demonstrate they are genuinely committed to CSR. The four mentioned areas under ethical theories in the article, sustainable development is getting more and more important. By reducing the impact we have on the environment and supporting the society in which we live and work, we can engage with our customers and colleagues and therefore enhance the company’s reputation, which is the most valuable asset. Most importantly, this is not only relating to the company’s grow, but also the company’s culture. It will become a culture that you, your employees and the community genuinely believe in. Therefore, I believe that running a responsible business to society makes good business sense.

Topic 3: Which perspective do you think is correct, or are they both wrong? Why? If the law and public opinion were not a factor, would you be willing to employ children at your company, or use a supplier who used child labor?

For both of the perspectives, I cannot agree they are reflecting the real situation of the factory workers in...
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