Business Ethics Example

Topics: Ethics, Virtue, Father Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: September 6, 2013
Chapter 4: Business Ethics

1.Ethical dilemma is a decision that ‘invites’ a conflict of values; every good course of action has some significant negative consequences. 3 examples of ethical dilemmas:
a.My father’ employee have just done a good job on a project. My father has promised him that my father would give him 20% bonus. Yet, due to company politics, my dad was unable to give him the bonus. My dad also implied that if he was to submit inflated expense reports for the next 2 months, my dad would search for another way, and the employee could pocket the extra money and well-deserved compensation for my father’ contributions. b.One of the engineers on my staff has a better job offer from another company and asks your advise on whether accept or not the job. I need him to complete a significant project and important for my career too. The manager also told me that after this project, all of internal engineers would be fired. c.I wrote permit letter to the company that I would not be able to come to the factory because I was sick. Actually, I was not sick but I just wanted to go to beach to refresh my mind as I was just breaking up with my boyfriend and I feel so bad.

2.Time when I faced an ethical dilemma:
When I was in elementary school, I loved to steal things. One day, I took a small scissor from book store just because I liked it and I put it inside my bag. After that, I went home and my mother realized that my stationary was increase as I had a “new” scissor. My mother asked where I got that scissor and I confessed that I stole it. My mother was very angry to me. She said that we should give the scissor back to the book store. I was very ashamed that I had to give it back though actually, I could just keep that scissor. This is the part that I experienced dilemma. Yet, my mother just said to the book store assistant that the scissor was carried away by us accidentally so I wasn’t arrested on the jail. •This problem consists of Universal...
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