Business Ethics Essay

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Robert Gertsen
Prof. Orkin

Business Ethics Essay

At first glance, it seems to be clear that this is in essence, an unethical issue that is occurring. According to Brigham Young University’s Exchange Magazine’s categories of ethical dilemmas, stating something that is not true constitutes an unethical action. The customer’s lawyer attempt to strike a deal in which you state in a court of law that no sign was placed in place would be a false statement. However, before delving into any assumptions, it is imperative to explore various aspects of the dilemmas surrounding this problem. According to Jennings’ steps for analyzing ethical dilemmas, you must observe from the perspective of each person involved in the case and the effect that this has on them. As the manager of the supermarket, it would be morally correct to refuse the lawyer’s request for deal and proceed with a normal litigation. However, from the manager’s perspective, it would extremely negative for his career if his company ended up being sued for money by the plaintiff. He would most likely lose his job and as a result, his financial situation would be in ruin. If he had a family, they would be affected as well. There is a conflict of interest. The manager must also consider the effects of his actions on other parties. Also, other parties would be negatively affected. If the supermarket were sued, the financial loss would affect employees, shareholders, and owners of the company, all of whom have personal responsibilities and family as well. And from the lawyer’s point of view, her client has no insurance, has large medical bills and cannot work. The only way to possibly win any sum of money would be to sue just for medical costs, which the insurance company would cover. Is it ethical to proceed with this even though the client is in such a dire situation? If the lawyer doesn’t proceed with the plan, her client will be unable to work, and will also run into huge financial problems.

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