Business Ethics-Case Study Summary

Topics: Morality, Freedom of speech, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Pages: 4 (843 words) Published: October 20, 2010
1.0 Case Study Summary

Ice-T(Tracy Morrow) a black rap artist signed under the Time Warner label, released an album called “Body Count” in 1992 that contained a controversial song, "Cop Killer”. The lyrics included, "I've got my twelve-gauge sawed-off…I’m about to dust some crops off…die, pig, die.”

The American society hold fidel on immoral against theft,rape enslavement, murder, child abuse, assault, slander, fraud, law-breaking and so on. Time warner record label release of an album titled, ”Cop Killer”by Ice-T was a total claim of immorality by the society.

According to ethical standard, it is two way thing, stakeholders of Time Warner record saw the song as harmful, while they saw as being ethical to their made of cooperate managerial style. Due to pressure of the society and realization of their business being on stake. They have to restrategize and thought of how to be socially corporate responsible to suit the stakeholders, so that its good market share would b continual.

As matters of fact, most other CEO, were in support of the Time Warner while some are not in support by the end of the day, they had to bend the society clamoring because of the manufacturer customer relationship. Cause and expression of fidelity or morality, Ice-T Co starred on the MBC television services law and order.

Special victims unit as detective ordain “in tutuola, partner of Richard Beezers and detective John Munch. It was to show how responsible Ice-T was with due to due to pressure from protested society.

1. Question And Answer

1) Was Ice-T’s song an exercise of free speech or sensationalism for profit?

Ice-T’s songs was an expression of free speech, because Roger Salquist the ceo of Calgene, line and who went on to be a controversial technology liaison at Il Devis Noted,

“I am enlarged. I think the concept of free speech has been perverted it is anti America,...
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