Business Ethics Case Study

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Business Ethics Case Study #1 Starbucks
Starbucks is a business that has been around since 1971 serving a various amount of coffee for people all around the United States. This business started in the city of Seattle with getting port of coffee from around the world. Today they are international business getting in approximately $11 billion dollars a year. With this being said Starbucks is a very high pace, high traffic environment with all the stores giving a home feel to them so when you order coffee you don’t feel like you even left your house.

Question 1: What role does corporate social responsibility and the employees play in Starbucks approach to business and why? What were two main reasons for this approach?

The role that Corporate social responsibility has in the approach to business is that they are a company the really gives back to the environment, costumers. By working on its CSR they are using more efficient lighting in the stores in the year 2013 according to the Global Report. They have something on the Global website that was interesting. With the respect to profit in the public company they had a cycle saying aspirePartnerInnovateLearn this was a none ending cycle and this play a role in the approach to the business because what this means is if the business every wants to succeed more than it already has then it needs to learn more which in turn will aspire then to have idea about going more above and beyond to make their business the best. As far as the partner goes I believe that you need to have someone else ideas not just you own to run a successful business. Then with that being said you innovate what you have and don’t have to make the best of any situation.

The roles employees have in the starbucks approach are a little different than CSR. With being an employee you are on the front line. A costumer comes up orders something you have to give them great customer service and if you don’t they are unlikely to come back. With being an employee you need to realize that it is important that the show you put on for starbucks is everything to the costumer. If you screw up the order, blow a costumer off then it will fail as putting forth and effort for the business.

I believe that the two main reasons for this approach is to show that a business can succeed if they keep working at it and never give up and secondly if you make your business well known for something so good, that means more and more costumers will buy from your business. That is what business is all about.  

Question 2: Compare the employee benefits of Starbucks with Subway and KFC. Are they about the same or not? - give three examples to explain it.

Starbucks- at Starbucks, our Total Pay package is called “Your Special Blend.” It’s a benefits package that is tailored to the needs of our partners. And it’s designed just for you. Benefits-eligible partners (those working 20 or more hours a week) can get a wide range of perks, benefits and assistance. Your Special Blend might include bonuses, 401(k) matching and discounted stock purchase options. We offer adoption assistance and health coverage for you and your dependents, including domestic partners. Starbucks College Achievement Plan is an opportunity for all benefits eligible partners (all brands) to complete a bachelor’s degree with full tuition reimbursement through Arizona State University’s top-ranked degree programs, delivered online. Partners also appreciate our recognition programs, career sabbaticals and other time-off programs. Plus, you can take advantage of partner perks such as 30% in-store discounts and one free pound of coffee, box of K-Cup® Packs or tea a week. Subway- I could not find much other than the basic. The one thing subway told me was it all depends on the store you work at too. I did find the basic though 401k, retirement, free sub when you eat depends on locations, 10% off merchandise and subs outside of work again depending on location....

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