Business Ethics - Big John Lawn and Garden Doctor

Topics: Morality, Doctor, Business Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: September 21, 2012
1. Present an argument in favor of retaining the new division that considers and incorporates the ethical conflicts that Mr. Weed is experiencing.

After reading through the brief concerning Big John, The Lawn & Garden Doctor and its services I feel comfortable recommending that the business remain open for business. After reading through the court’s decision concerning the lawsuit that was brought against them; as well as reviewing the signed liability form from the customer Big John was not at fault for the unfortunate, accidental death of a bystander’s dog. The events that transpired were not premeditated or purposeful by Big John or its employees and I believe the plaintiff in lawsuit simply was so lost for words that they felt they had a legal standing. Mr. and Mrs. Weed remain in full compliance with the law. My best argument when considering the retirement of the business is that if the Weed’s discontinue their service, it is only a matter of time until someone else picks it up. It would serve my conscious more to know that I was doing the service under complete regulations; rather someone else that could be cutting corners in order to make a profit. Mr. Weed is not emoting egoism by retaining the business division. Were he cutting corners in this service, I would need to retract my statement. However, I believe it is for the greater good that Mr. and Mrs. Weed continue their Lawn and Garden Doctor division. The company should expand it’s public awareness about the treatment by delivering pamphlets or simply knocking door to door in a neighborhood that they have treated. This will allow the patrons to understand the possible, though minimal, risks the treatment possesses and how to ensure that they are not putting themselves in danger by exposing themselves to the chemicals.

2. Present an argument in favor of eliminating or changing the new division, and make recommendations to improve overall company profits through means that will be...
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