Business Ethics 301

Topics: Metropolitan area, Drive-by shooting, United States Navy Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Module 3 Session Long Project: US Navy Urban Recruiters
By: Roger Waldo
Ethics 301
Professor: Dr. Johnny M. Vanneste
17 August 12

Waldo 1
Session Long Project Part III: US Navy Urban Recruiters.
For someone not familiar with the different markets Navy Recruiters have to do their jobs in, they might think this topic might not be relevant. However, I intend to shed light into the challenges and risks urban recruiters face on a day to day basis. Are adequately informed of the risks? And are the risks acceptable and reasonable? One would not wonder or think that being a Navy Recruiter would be a dangerous job. On the contrary, most people would see Recruiting as a safe profession, especially when comparing them to their Fleet or Combatant counterparts deployed all over the world and to assist in the War on Terror. So why would anyone think Urban Recruiting is dangerous?

Let me explain or set the stage as to why I think in our organization urban recruiting is a risky job. One must understand that Navy Recruiting District Atlanta involves three different states (Georgia, Alabama and the Florida panhandle) all of which have metropolitan areas that require recruiters to be stationed there. These “Metro” areas have the most people density, therefore requiring more recruiters to target the larger audience. Not all metropolitan areas are risky to recruit in, but some more than others. There is obviously more risk involved in Atlanta, Georgia than in Milledgeville, Georgia. Suburban and/or “country” recruiting is less dangerous than urban recruiting.

Let us discuss Metro Atlanta recruiting. In Atlanta, recruiters must be vigilant to the crime in their surroundings. The more people in a geographical area the more likely criminal activity is to happen. When I thought of recruiting in Atlanta I couldn’t help to think of the Fox network show “Cops”. I remember seeing the shows based in Atlanta and wondering if I was going to need a bullet...
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