Business Ethics

Topics: Ethics, Utilitarianism, Consequentialism Pages: 3 (1115 words) Published: September 24, 2008
The ‘Parable of the Sadhu’ discussed how a group hiking up the Himalayan Mountains encountered an ethical dilemma and how their decisions are similar to corporate ethics. This article presents a complex situation in which immediate action was necessary. In briefly, a group of multi-national individuals embarked on a trip of a life-time up the mountain. Along their journey up, Sadhu, an Indian holy man, was discovered naked and barely alive by the group of multicultural mountaineers. Each ethnic group did a little to help the Sadhu, but none assumed full responsibility. Their priority and concern was in climbing the mountain rather than carrying Sadhu to the village where other people could help. Provide with minimal support such as clothes, food and water, the group is faced with an ethical dilemma whether to continue climb up the mountain or turn around and return back to base camp and provide the sadhu with the proper care. One of the hikers, Bowen McCoy, whose a managing director of Morgan Stanley Co. Inc. decides that this journey is an experience to achieve personal satisfaction and was more important that the well-being of the stranger. Another individual, McCoy’s friend, Stephen who was suffering from the elements himself attempted to help the Sadhu as best as he could. When these two individuals meet up, Stephen asks McCoy, “How do you feel about contributing to the death of a fellow man?” No one knows for sure if the Sadhu is dead or alive. No one was willing to accept the total responsibility for the Sadhu, but did what they could as long as it was convenient and “passed the buck to someone else”. This article overall provides a strong impact on businessmen about corporate ethics issues such as the choice between the agreed ultimate objective and individual morals and values.

Question 1
The various hikers’ decision whether to provide proper care for Sadhu may have influenced by several factors. One of the factors could be the altitude during that...
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