Business Ethics

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Civil Rights Act of 1964 Pages: 4 (1503 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Kelly Thompson
Professor Kathleen Davis
BA 3102
4 March 2013
Analysis Paper #1- Management Case 2: Short Shorts
In Don’s situation, he Don is in a difficult position because he is responsible for implementing the policies and procedures made by Fred for his business, possibly even if he agrees with them or notregardless of whether or not Don agrees with them. Depending on how badly he needs the job, Don has the choice to leave if he doesn’t agree with The Sandtrap’s policies. However, for simplicity’s sake, we will assume that like most Americans in this day and age Don needs the job like most Americans in this day in age. As manager of The Sandtrap, Don has a few decision options. He could either chose to urge Fred to keep the outfits for the sake of profit revenue gain, he could urge him to get rid of the outfits all together, or he could simply choose to ignore Lucy’s complaint and do nothing. Whatever Don’s decision may be, there are multiple stakeholders that will be affected including the restaurant’s shareholders, employees, owner, and local residents. If the revealing outfits are kept, all stakeholders will be positively impacted because the restaurant's revenue will continue to increase. Even though Lucy and the other waitresses will continue to get harassed, The Sandtrap’s success would continue to bring drive growth and innovation to the community and provide employment opportunities to residents in the area. Fred should keep in mind, however, that it only takes one employee complaint to initiate a law suit. Therefore, he should consider establishing some kind type of sexual innuendo consent form that is presented during the interview process which would explain the skimpy outfits and require waitress agreement. , tThat way the employees know what they are getting themselves into right off of the batbefore they are hired. If a lawsuit were to be filed against the The Sandtrap, it could end up costing the business a tremendous amount of money....
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