Business Ethical Problem

Topics: Physician, Plaintiff, Complaint Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: January 21, 2012
From September 2010 to May 2011 I interned with the Health Care Administration under the direction of the Executive Nursing Administrator at a hospital facility with nationally integrated service networks. I was told at the time of my hire that I would be privy to all conferences which took place with administrative officers; and that information discussed would be strictly confidential. During the course of my internship there were conferences held with administration and other “agents” at least once a week. I attended 2 meetings during my internship— neither of them eventful—and was conveniently given my supervisor’s work to complete while she attended the aforementioned conferences. Unknown to me at the time, the facility was under investigation due to complaints filed with the Attorney General from clients, client’s families and medical staff; including nurses and medical doctors. I learned quite recently that special federal investigators had been carrying out an official examination of the hospital since August 2010; concerning quality control issues, adherence to hospital policy and procedures; and other legal matters, including but not limited to: •Embezzlement of grants/misappropriation of funds

Personnel employed in management positions where they were neither qualified, certified nor did they have prior experience in regard to the units they managed •Clients being admitted to psychiatric units without a 2 PC order •No PRN Protocol in place and agitated clients were admitted to units causing injury to self, other workers and clients. •Patient neglect and injuries due to accidents

One day I was instructed by the Executive Nursing Administrator (ENA) to prepare 2 spreadsheets: One was a patient satisfaction survey and the second was a unit complaint survey which was to include in the questionnaire specific areas of complaint. I prepared the surveys and since I was given no direction, I researched what questions to ask; and...
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