Business Ethic for Tesco Problem

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This report is aimed at the ethical dilemma faced in Tesco. Tesco is one of the biggest food and grocery retailers in the world. Recently Tesco had approximately 4,811 in the world and it employing over 470,200 people. Moreover, Tesco also provided approximately 7,000 products, it including food and non-food products (Tesco, 2012). This report is on all pertaining to Tesco ethical issues. The main dilemmas that are facing by Tesco are the product and service problem and these dilemmas are invented through environmental scanning analysis.

2.0Tesco Ethical Dilemmas
Tesco Malaysia is one of the biggest hypermarkets in the Malaysia market. Besides that, it is also one of the hypermarket which facing the daily ethical dilemmas. The customer service problem and facilities problem is the main dilemmas that faced in Tesco. These dilemmas are not only found in Tesco but almost hypermarket in Malaysia, Tesco should take attention about these dilemmas.

2.1Customer Service Issue
2.1.1Customer Service
Customer service problem is one of the common ethical issues faced in Tesco Malaysia. This problem is invention by using environmental scanning analysis. Tesco provided many types of product for customer. Although Tesco had classified the product into different section, but sometimes consumers are still facing problem in searching for the particular product. This problem will occur is because of the Tesco stuffs are not around there for help and sometimes the bad attitude of the stuff or the wrong information that given by stuff will make the consumer very unhappy. Besides that, the communication barrier between stuff and consumer is also a major problem that facing in Tesco. Most of the stuffs or promoters are foreign workers and some of them are using different language, so that it caused communication barrier. Moreover cashier in Tesco is also a problem that consumer facing. Although there are many cashier counters, but many of them are closed, it is inconvenience for customers. They need to queue up for very long to pay their bill, it is wasting their time and during peak season such as Chinese New Year or Hindu Festival, the situation becomes even worse. For example, during Christmas, a family going to Tesco to buy some stuff to celebrate Chinese New Year, but need to queue up for so long, they will leave Tesco and choose other hypermarket.

2.1.2Product Issue
In addition, the quality of product in Tesco is also a dilemma that always complaint by the consumers. Some of the product in Tesco was found expired and it will affect the reputation of Tesco. If the consumer did not aware the food is expired, will cause of healthy problem. Therefore some of the products that placed on the rack are also damaged and the vegetable or meat is not fresh, this problem not merely affects the reputation of Tesco and also affects the health of consumer. Tesco should measure the perishable products before placed on the rack and make sure the product and food is in good condition and fresh.

2.2Facility Problem
2.2.1Shortage of Trolley
Tesco Malaysia provided a lot of facilities for its customer, such as large car park, trolley, and so on. Besides that, Tesco also provided other extra facilities to attract more customers to come over. Although Tesco possess more facilities compared to other competitor such as Giant, Carrefour, and Sunshine, it still contain problem about its facilities. Firstly, shortage of trolley problem had found out through environmental scanning. The number of consumer is increasing but the number of trolley is still the same, it caused the shortage of trolley. Imagine that the customer needs to carry the product which they want to buy by using hand, it brings trouble and inconvenience for the customers, and the customer might not go to Tesco anymore. The shortage of trolley issue becomes even worse during peak season such as Chinese New Year, Hindu Festival, Malay Festival and so...
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