Business Environment Essay

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Business Environment

Individual Assignment

Company Name: UK Commercial Property Trust Limited’s

Date: 18/12/2012

Word Count: 1379

The establishment of UK Commercial Property Trust happened in 2006 at St. Peter Port, in the Channel Islands (UK). Ignis Investment Services Limited runs and manages the company. The company invests in a portfolio of diversified, commercial properties in the United Kingdom through its subsidiaries. Its portfolio of commercial properties comprise of office, retail, and industrial properties (MPO, 2012). This paper analyses the business environment in which the UK Commercial Property Trust Limited operates. In order to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the business environment, the rest of the paper is organized in two sections. The first will analyse the macro-environment of the organization with regard to the CSR & CSR Analysis (economic, education, and demographic factors). The second section will examine the microenvironment in which the organization operates with regard to the P.E.S.T.L (political and legal factors,social factors,technological factors, and environmental factors ) Analysis. The microenvironment is the immediate environment of the organization’s interaction with the external environment, and with the use of the P.E.S.T.L analysis provides a relationship of the external environment with the internal environment.Because of the limited availability of documented and accessible information on this company, this section will have relatively limited analysis. Then the paper will finish with a conclusion.

CSR & CSR Analysis

Educational Factors
Analysis of educational factors in an organization’s environment helps to ascertain the competence of the general population, which form the workforce, or potentially form the workforce. In UK Commercial Property Trusts’s external environment, the standards of education are high, evident by the high primary and secondary level school enrolment, as well as, enrolment in tertiary learning institutions. In fact, the country is the world leader in the quality of managing schools. Education is enhanced by the availability of research and training services. Furthermore, extensive training of school staff ensures continual improvement of the quality of the education system. Last is that education immensely uses technology, which facilitates learning and understanding. Therefore, UKCPT has easy access to competent staff in the local market (Schwab, 2012). Demographic Factors

Demographic factors of the population in the organization’s environment have emerged as a vital aspect of the organization’s external environment. In UKCPT’s external environment, the population constitutes of 65.3 million people, and 80 percent of them live in urban areas. Sex ratio is 0.99 males to female. Life expectancy is 80 years, and 99 percent of the population is literate. The population grows at a rate of 0.553 percent. Moreover, the population is an ageing population, which has a median age of 40 years (Schwab, 2012). Economic Factors

In the area of economic factors, the region has achieved substantial milestones. The country is an OECD high-income country with a GNI per capita of 37,780 US dollars. This means that UKCPT has to offer employees a considerably attractive salary to get a hold of the best workforce in the country. Additionally, the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is 2,417.6 billion dollars, which shows that businesses in the environment, such as UKCPT, realize considerable revenues. The business environment is the seventh largest world economy, as well as, the second largest European economy, which means the UKCPT has a relatively large market to serve. The organization’s advantage is compounded by the fact that it is in a business environment, which is a leading international trading power, which is highly developed, and market-based economy. The economic activities of the...

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