Business Environment Assignment 3

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Business Environment Assignment 3

Many businesses organise their staff in different ways and must have different structures in place to enable them to function properly, so employees know their place in the business and so the business is organised. There are different structures that business may use e.g. geographical, flat, functional and hierarchical. The type of structure the business uses depends on the size of the organisation, the location and role etc.

Geographical Structure
A geographical structure can be used for a local business, national, international and global business, so any type of business that is spread across an area and it outlines where employees are based.

Flat Structure
A flat structure has few levels of hierarchy which enables the businesses employees to be able to change position easily. This type of structure is helpful in a small business as there are not many employees and makes them feel equal.

Functional Structure
Functional structures are used in relatively large businesses as most of the employees are assigned to specialized and different tasks than others.

Hierarchical Structure
A hierarchical structure is usually used in large business as it goes from employees at the top of the business to the employees at the bottom of it.

BMC’s General Information
Mission statement – “Belfast Metropolitan College will be a centre of learning excellence, committed to transforming lives and contributing to the economic well-being of Belfast and Northern Ireland”

Aim – To provide a high standard of education to the community.

To put the learner at the centre of everything we do.
Deliver the highest quality possible in all we do.
Achieve the highest possible impact on the economic and social well-being of individual learners and on Belfast and the region.

By BMC having a mission and objectives this allows them to know their plans in advance and what they have to achieve to compete with other colleges in the region. Employees also know what they have to work towards.

BMC’s Organisational structure
To meet BMC’s needs and objectives they came up with the best structure possible for them so that the College could run at the best of its ability and be highly effective. Marie-Therese Mcgivern is the chief executive of BMC and is at the top of the structure. She is responsible for Damien Duffy, Justin Edward and Elaine Hartin. This is a hierarchical structure because Damien, Justin and Elaine report to Marie Therese because she is above them in the structure. Justin Edwards is then responsible for 3 heads of faculties at the 3 colleges - Brenda Duffy, head of Technologies and Academic studies at the Millfield campus. Sinead Walsh, Head of Health, care, Sport and leisure at the Castlereagh/Whiterock campuses. Justin Edwards is also responsible for Suzy Gray, Head of leadership, science and service industry and the Titanic Quarter campus. This is a geographical structure as these employees are located at different locations in the business across Belfast. Damien Duffy is then responsible for Paul O’Connor, Head of Learner Services and he is then in charge of Nuala Boyle head of Student Services, Jim Woods head of Recruitment and Retention, and Siobhan Lyons head of Business Development. This is a functional structure as everyone reports to each other. Elaine Hartin is responsible for 4 head of departments. The head of finance - Gillian Mayhew, the head of IT – Colin Daysh, head of estate and facilities management – Greig Twaddle and the head of human resources – Nicola Powderly. This is another functional structure as these people have different roles in the business and report to one person above them. Brenda Duffy head of faculty at Millfield is responsible for three heads of schools. School of engineering and construction – Brian George. Head of electronic + computing technologies – Jonathon...
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