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Business environment is the total sum of all natural resources that attract the organization. These businesses are affected by the two types and these are Micro (internal) environment and Macro (external) environment. Micro environment (Internal) can affect a business such as market size, supply relationships with suppliers and the number and strength of competition. Macro (external) environment are those that affect the entire economy and not just a business. The examples include unemployment rate, currency exchange rate, consumer confidence or depression. The essay is about organizational purposes of business for instance their missions, visions etc. As the organizations are divided into two main sectors, the private sector and the public sector, on the private sector the organization to be discussed about is PRIMARK shops and on the public sector the organization is DUBLIN BUS.

Private sector:

This is the part of the economy which is run by private individuals or groups as a means of making profits which is mostly controlled by the state .In countries with the control of government the public sector makes up a larger part of the economy. Most countries compete between private and public sectors. The private sector is large in enterprise for the example in China. Other organisations such as charity work are non profit making organisations they don’t intend to make money but can be considered as private sectors since they are run by groups of people or individuals.

Public sector:

This is the economy concerned with providing government services which means businesses or other organizations are not part of the public sector but the private sector which have an aim of making profit for the owners. The public sectors composed of organizations that are owned by the government. It is known that the spread of a public sector in developed countries started in the late nineteenth century with the development of water etc then later other services began to be provided by the government. In most countries which are developed the government still provides the services for example in the UK but it is not likely in most developing countries.

Private sector (PRIMARK

This is a very famous retail clothing store chain, providing clothes to customer at reasonable and affordable prices. Primark is actually an Irish retailer of clothing with the numbers of stores in United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain. It has more than 170 stores in which 124 stores are located in all over United Kingdom. After they achieved the first success, they opened more stores in many different business centres and areas which bought them more profit.

The visions: The main visions of Primark are to supply affordable and good quality products to customers for new promotions. This means that they will have more customers since the price range is fair for all and if the quality is good they will have more people coming to the shops instead of looking backward. Another vision can be pleasing and attracting the customers which explains that they make sure the products are attractive for more market and interests of people .Lastly they try to achieve the targets of organizational performance.

Missions: The missions are to provide good and quality products to customers...
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