Business Environment

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TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u A.INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc362594886 \h 3B.CONTENT PAGEREF _Toc362594887 \h 4I.UNDERSTAND THE ORGANISATIONAL PURPOSE OF BUSINESSES PAGEREF _Toc362594888 \h 41.1 Identify the purpose of Camelot as an organisation PAGEREF _Toc362594889 \h 41.2 Describe the extent to which Camelot meets the objectives of different stakeholders. Draw from the case study and further independent research. PAGEREF _Toc362594890 \h 41.3 Explain the responsibilities of Camelot and strategies they employ to meet these requirements. PAGEREF _Toc362594891 \h 5II.UNDERSTAND THE NATURE OF THE NATIONAL ENVIORNMENT IN BUSINESS OPERATE PAGEREF _Toc362594892 \h 62.1 Explain how economic systems attempt to allocate resources effectively PAGEREF _Toc362594893 \h 62.2. Assess the impact of fiscal and monetary policy as it relates to Camelot and their activities PAGEREF _Toc362594894 \h 72.3. Evaluate the impact of competition policy and other regulatory mechanisms in UK on the activities of Camelot PAGEREF _Toc362594895 \h 7III.UNDERSTAND THE BEHAVIOR OF ORGANISATIONS IN THEIR MARKET ENVIORNMENT PAGEREF _Toc362594896 \h 93.1. Explain in context of Camelot how market structures determine the pricing and output decisions. PAGEREF _Toc362594897 \h 93.2. Illustrate the way in which market forces shape organisational responses using a range of examples from the case study and independent research. PAGEREF _Toc362594898 \h 93.3. Judge how the business and cultural environments shape the behaviour of Camelot PAGEREF _Toc362594899 \h 10IV.BE ABLE TO ASSESS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE GLOBAL FACTORS THAT SHAPE NATIONAL BUSINESS ACTIVITIES PAGEREF _Toc362594900 \h 124.1. Discuss the significance of international trade to UK business organisation PAGEREF _Toc362594901 \h 124.2 Analyze the impact of global factors on UK business organisations using Camelot to support your analysis PAGEREF _Toc362594902 \h 124.3 Evaluate the impact of policies of the European Union on Camelot PAGEREF _Toc362594903 \h 13C.CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc362594904 \h 15D.REFERENCE PAGEREF _Toc362594905 \h 161. Book sources: PAGEREF _Toc362594906 \h 16Internet sources: PAGEREF _Toc362594907 \h 16 INTRODUCTIONBusiness environment is the combination of both internal and external forces that will help to find out the new way to grow and prosper in other countries outside the national boundaries. It is also help to judge the working environment of the organisation in the said economic and social environment. Part one will cover the organisational purpose of business operations. Firstly, I will explain the vision, mission and objectives of the selected organisation. Then how the organization meets the objectives of different stake holders. Further detail of responsibilities and strategies are given that is employed by any organisation for gaining ultimate profit. In the second part, the understanding the nature of national environment is given in which a certain organisation is operating. For this economic resources are analysed and assess the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on the business activities. Moreover, evaluation of competition policy and other regulatory mechanisms are conducted. In the third part understand the organisational behaviour in the market environment by the judgement of business and cultural environment. Additionally market forces are illustrated that shape the organisational responses. And finally the report is focused on how the global factors are significant in shaping the business activities. CONTENTUNDERSTAND THE ORGANISATIONAL PURPOSE OF BUSINESSES1.1 Identify the purpose of Camelot as an organisation The ultimate aim of any organisation is to serve the customers by meeting the objectives of different stake holders. Thus to satisfy the needs of the customers by fulfilling the responsibilities and...
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