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Topics: Human resource management, Multinational corporation, Corporation Pages: 4 (1506 words) Published: May 27, 2014
Frequent introduction of new products or using of first-class technology is no longer a kind of success for a company or corporation in current business environment. Companies have realized that they must also seek sustaining competitive advantage from the effective management of human resources. That means Human resource managements (HRM) has increasingly been recognized as a critical segment of international business operations (Hertog, 2010). Moreover, the more rapid pace of internationalization and globalization leads to a more strategic role for HRM as well as changes in the content of HRM. However, Multinational companies (MNCs) often face the challenge of balancing between centralized control of international HRM strategy and responsiveness to local circumstances in term of unit variation in HR policies and practices. Thus, studying about this issue can promisingly bring an interesting and new experience to both IHRM practice and IHRM academics. In fact, although IHRM is becoming one of the most interesting topics for both practice and science, not many academics research had a sufficient study on the current strategic transformation process in the IHRM of MNCs with regard to the differences in culture between home and host countries; the dynamics of labor markets, and the changes of business environment (i.e changes in industry and company characteristic), etc, (Rowley C., 2002). As a result, there is lack of understanding in the strategic change process in IHRM of MNCs such as the considering for a new strategy from the beginning, knowledge transferring for new IHRM procedure from headquarter to subsidiaries; or the implementation of the new IHRM policies in practice, and the evaluation of the process’ effectiveness in the end. This study would like to contribute to business and governance research an interesting experience concerning this issue through the case study about IHRM transformation of Nokia Siemens Networks- Telecommunications...
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