Business Environment

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A. Introduction
Mascot International A/S located in Europe is an international, family-owned business, which develops, manufactures and markets high-quality workwear and safety footwear for craftsmen and industry. Especially, MASCOT is market leader within workwear in Denmark and among the leading brands in Europe. For many years, the company has experienced rapid growth in turnover as well as revenue. Now, we will discover information about Mascot in mission, values, objectives, stakeholders to have more date about this large corporation.

B. The MASCOT and business environment

1. The MASCOT- A Denmark’s company

1.1. The MASCOT’s business purposes
Content: Identify the purposes of different types of organisation similar with and/or subsidiaries of Mascot.

1.2. The MASCOT’s stakeholders
Content: Describe the extent to which MASCOT meets the objectives of different stakeholders.

1.3. The MASCOT’s responsibilites as a business
Content: Explain the responsibilities of MASCOT and strategies employed to meet them.

2. The MASCOT business in UK

2.1. UK economic system
Content: Explain how economic systems attempt to allocate resources effectively.

2.2. UK’ fiscal and monetary policies: Impacts on MASCOT
Content: Assess the impact of the fiscal and monetary policy on MASCOT and their business activities.

2.3. UK’ competition policy and regulatory mechanisms: Impacts on MASCOT
Content: Evaluate the impact of competition policy and other regulatory mechanisms on the activities of MASCOT.

C. Conclusion

- Summary of main findings, action taken or decisions reached (if any) as a result of the investigation, or an expression of the overall 'message' of the report.

- Suggestion of the solution to the problem investigated so that the recipient will be able to make a decision if necessary.
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