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In today’s global and competitive business environment, business organizations are striving to stand out from their competitors and attract targeted audience by providing consistent and reliable customer service. However, if a business organization is to implement effective customer service programs, they must have their employees acquire a set of skills that collectively encompass the business social/interpersonal area. Although business social/interpersonal skills cover many dimensions of business, some common business mistakes take place every day. Among the most frequent are unacceptable handshakes, inappropriate manners at business meals, improper introductions, and unsuitable lunch behavior as well as some general office errors. In 1992, Kelley recommended that business students be taught the art of social/interpersonal skills as part of the business curriculum. Marketing students, more than any other major, need to acquire these skills as their careers most directly involve their customers (Kelley, 1992). Moreover, Humphreys (1996) indicates that an employee's interpersonal skills positively impacts customer satisfaction. Managers in service-oriented environments, when selecting employees, often look for applicants with strong interpersonal skills (Oliva & Lancioni, 1996).

Pearse (2005) identified three fundamental co-words as cornerstones to business success: Consideration, Cooperation, and Communication. Therefore new innovative courses are being introduced regarding interpersonal skills and business etiquettes in the field of business administration. The importance of the specific social/interpersonal skill, etiquette, is indicated by the fact that nearly 50% of all business transactions are finalized during a meal (Wright, 2005). According to Casperson (2000) practicing power etiquettes increases one’s chances for job promotions. Power etiquette, as defined by Casperson, is the ability to learn and use social skills to...
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