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Topics: Consumer price index, Hong Kong, Economics Pages: 3 (729 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Hong Kong is a Gourmet Paradise because of the development of economics, tourism and social culture. Kei Kee Dessert is one of the famous firms on selling dessert in Hong Kong. It was located in Yuen Long and very well-known, lots of people will think about it when they traveling Yuen Long. The most famous dessert of Kei Kee Dessert is B boy grass jelly, so it’s the others name that large amount of Hong Kong people will call this shop. Mangoes wrapped in rice noodles, cheesecake and chicken wing tips are almost as popular and generous in serving size. [pic]

(The logo of Kei Kee Dessert)

Economics in Hong Kong (present):
According to the figure of the prices from Hong Kong Economy, it shows that the rent of the shop space in Dec 2010 was increased 10.2%. It’s not easy for Kei Kee Dessert to enlarge the size of the firms right now because of expensive rent. They need to hold more current working capital for purchasing and paying salary to labors. To develop the business, he should think in another way, such as increase the number of customer. [pic]

According to the figure of the private consumption expenditure from Hong Kong Economy, it shows that the growth rate of the expenditure in Q4 was increased 7.1%. That mean the economics of Hong Kong didn’t affect the consumption much. Kei Kee Dessert can do some promotion to attract the consumers.

Social aspect in Hong Kong (present):
Nowadays, people seek for diversification and innovation, the business who wants to develop must follow this trend. Kei Kee Dessert not selling the traditional desserts only, also invents some new desserts, such as Mango Noodle, Fruit Noodle Roll. They try to fulfill the requests of the consumer. In fact, dessert is not the necessary in our daily life. But most of the Hong Kong people love having dessert after meal so the market of dessert won’t decrease or disappear.

Economics in Hong Kong (future):
According to the figure...

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2) Hong Kong Tourism Board , (, Cited on 28/02/11
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