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Assignment 4
iPad’s Security Breach
Bus 508 Business Enterprise
February 28, 2011

iPad’s Security Breach
Goatse Security Objective
Discuss Goatse Security firm possible objectives when they hacked into AT&T’s Website. Goatse Security firm had two primary objectives when they hacked into AT&T’s website, was for exposure and security. Goatse was able to exposed AT&T security was not in the top-notch conditions that many people would have thought that a company of that worth should maintain. While being able to exposed AT&T security mishaps, Goatse was able to publicize their skills. A successful company continuously thinks of ways to promote their firm and products. Goatse Security firm promotes it name as a company by hacking into other companies sites and identifying the major security flaws. Being able to hack into big companies such as AT&T shows a level of success for Goatse. Goatse “. . . has previously highlighted vulnerabilities in the Firefox and Safari Web browsers, and attracted media attention for finding what it said were flaws in Amazon’s community rating system” (Tate, n.d. ). Although the news is negative for the company being hacked, Goatse gains respect and corporate security contracts through these hackings. The second objective of Goatse is to make the web a more secure place for obtaining people’s private information. Goatse feel that they did no wrong into hacking into AT&T’s database. A member of Goatse security states, “your iPads are safer now because of us [Goatse]” (Tate, n.d). Goatse is assisting companies by exposing their corporate flaws that reveal private information on the internet.

II. Computer Hacking
Computer hacking is very much illegal, but I would argue for computer hacking as ethical corporate strategy for computer security firms. Computer hackers such as Goatse’s goal are to make the internet a safer place. They hack into companies sites to expose defects in websites. Goatse...
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