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To William Ho, Director of Sales and Marketing From Jim Lai, Management Trainee
Date 8 May 2104
Subject Recommendation on Partnering Firm

Responding to The Wesley Banking Corporation’s concerns over our services, we are going to work with an external organization to provide an intergraded service package to satisfy our client’s training needs. After long discussions, our team prepared this recommendation report. We would evaluate the two companies provided, AP and Excel in a detailed manner.

This report would first recommend a partnering firm, and a short summary is made. Then our selection criteria are presented, and the analysis and findings would justify our choice.

Our team recommends AP Corporate Training as our partnering firm.

There are three main reasons behind. Firstly, AP’s philosophy is aligned to ours. Both of us believe manpower is the main key for success in business. Secondly, AP’s 4A’s approach suits our client’s needs better. Thirdly, AP’s training programs achieve high-level of cost-effectiveness that is what our client expecting. We are confident that working closely with AP should allow us to provide quality services that create substantial values to the three parties involved.

Selection Criteria
Before our team comes up with a final recommendation, three main selection criteria are suggested. They are the alignment of companies’ philosophy, suitability of service approach and the cost-effectiveness of training programs. Our team agrees that choosing a partnering company sharing similar beliefs and philosophies is the essence for success. This makes the cooperation smoother, and with such shared focus, both companies may work towards the same goal in an efficient and effective manner. Besides, the suitability of the style of training programs is also an important issue. With the suitable training approach, our client’s needs would be effectively fulfilled and the services could be delivered for our client’s sake of convenience. Last but not least, we have to consider carefully the cost-effectiveness of our partner’s programs. Our client expects our partner and us to provide quality services in reasonable costs. That is why we have to pay close attention to this issue.

Analysis and Findings
Based on the three main selection criteria, our team does researches for both of our potential partners. The detailed evaluations, which would be presented in criteria-by-criteria approach, are shown here.

For the company philosophy issue, our team selects AP as their values are close to ours. They believe human factor is the key to success and their services can help clients’ human resources unleash their potential. These are similar to our value that developing manpower and partnering with them are the best ways to help clients. With such similarities, AP and us can easily set common goals and targets. However, for Excel, instead of partnering with clients’ employees, they tend to challenge them in unfamiliar settings. Such a large difference in basic beliefs between Excel and us would adversely affect our program quality and certainly lower clients’ satisfactions.

Next, for the suitability of the training approach, AP is on the upper hand as well. Their 4As’ approach means they emphasize on the attitude and knowledge, as well as focus on the application and assimilation stage. Actually, the former two are all what out client needs. The managers and investment advisors are advised to change their mind and attitude to be good listeners and active team player respectively. They also need suitable knowledge and skills. In this sense, their services can be like the supplements of our programs as our coaches are truly better in the application and assimilation part. Besides, our clients’ are busy with their daily job duties. We have to provide our services on-site. AP should be able to implement their...
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