Business Development Checklist

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Business Development Checklist
The following 75 questions have been developed by Jaffe Associates' London based Partner Mary Pasby. The questions are intended to give professional firm management an idea of the types of issues they need to be considering when thinking about marketing. While somewhat lengthy, the list is not exhaustive, and could certainly be expanded. This quiz could be an excellent tool for use in planning a marketing retreat or committee agenda. While it certainly should be of use to those who are first embarking on a marketing program it could also be very useful as a reminder to even marketing "pros" as they seek to keep their planning, thinking and programs fresh.

Marketing "Health" check

1. Is your marketing effort giving you value for money?
2. Are you developing the new business you need to meet your business plan? 3. Do you have a business plan?
4. How satisfied are your clients?
5. How do you know if they are satisfied?
6. Have you differentiated from the clutter in your marketplace? 7. Do you have an image consistent with your desired market position? 8. Is your firm identity actively supported and managed?

9. How effective are your external communications?
10. How effective are your internal communications?
11. Are new products successful?
12. How effective is your marketing?
13. Do you have a "digital" strategy?


14. How do you actively manage your brand?
15. What does the brand stand for and what are the core values? 16. How has the brand been built and what is its equity?
17. What does the brand mean to clients - what would they miss if it did not exist? 18. Can the brand be extended, used or combined with other products or markets. 19. What are high-risk areas that must be avoided?

20. Does brand promotion consistently project the brand values?

Business development

21. Are you developing the extra new business you need from new clients? 22....
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