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Business CPT – Kicks Canada™

Manraaj & Mike

1. The Business
We have chosen a business that sells mainly shoes, but we also sell hats, watches, chains, bands and sweat t-shirts 2. Form of business ownership
(a) We chose a Franchise, franchising is the practice of using another firm's successful business model. It seemed the best fit for a shoe store. (b) Our major qualities would most likely be our customer satisfaction due to the fact that our employees will be kind in personality terms. (c) The skills we lack would most likely be our ownership skills due to the fact that this will be our first business we opened. 3. Products

(a) Product Table

(b) We used modern day pricing that are at popular stores such as footlocker, sportchek, etc. (c) The price tag will be a shoe with the logo and a price tag on it. 4. Store Image and Personality

Some of the major things we will do to attract customers and create an image will be; playing hit songs until closing, special sales every now and then, new releases the next day, good pay for employees. 5. Target Market

Our target market will range from 13-25 year olds due to the fact this is a shoe store made for teens and adults. Since we will sports equipment sports teams will order from us.

6. Naming your store
Our store name is Kicks Canada ™
7. CSR Plan
Our store will be socially responsible in the sense that all our shoe boxes will be made up of recycled cardboard boxes. We will use fair labor policies and won’t use child labor made shoes. We will provide a safe workplace environment because we will give our employees on the job training and we will give them occasional breaks. We will be truthful in advertising by not lying about our prices. 8. Store Logo

(a) Logo

(b) Gold background with purple lettering
9. Business Card

10. Financing

(b) The funds shall be received from the bank, who will...
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