business controlled assesment

Topics: Tesco, Business, Asda Pages: 4 (1344 words) Published: November 28, 2013
Activity 1: investigate what business is and what businesses do. Why I chose my two businesses.
During a business lesson I was asked to choose two businesses for an exam. I was given an option to choose one local business and national business. I have chosen TESCO as my worldwide business; their head office is in Cheshunt. To me Tesco is also a local business since they have a shop just around the corner to me (Tilbury Essex). Choosing Tesco as my national business was a good Idea for me as I have a step dad that works for them. I was able to gather a lot of information from my step dad about the aims and objectives and how they will improve to have an even better purpose. On the other hand for my local business I have chosen Kent drawing as my Granddad owns the company and I can gather as much about the small business as I can and I am able to access personal information about them. Kent drawing is a family business, choosing Kent drawing was a good option as I can get information of their website and I can visit during certain hours a week. During our half term I was able to visit them and ask questions. Both Tesco and Kent drawing had very different purposes and ownership. I thought they would be two good businesses to compare. Research

I organised my research into an action plan so I would know what I still had to do and to keep track of what I had done. I have phone and sent a letter to both my businesses and have visited Kent drawing. For extra information about Tesco I was able to ask my step dad about what I was unable to gather. Using the internet and a range of websites I was able to gather over 10 pages of research. Describe and compare the aims, objectives, purpose, activities and main competition for both businesses: TESCO

Tesco’s core purpose is “we make what matters better, together.” More desire to see the business demonstrate it has a purpose beyond profit. Also a sense that large companies she be tackling some of the big...
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