Business Continuity and Sustainability

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Business Continuity and Sustainability: Avon
Business continuity and sustainability are common terms used in the business world today, they both are important to the strategic plan and decisions in relationship to today’s business world. Business continuity is the activity of an organization looking at the business functions that relate to uniform and reliable practice and making sure all stakeholders are aware and have access to those activities. According to (2010), sustain is defined as giving support or relief or to keep up. This means sustainability into a company would be one involve an uncompromised commitment to safe workplaces, ethical business practices, human rights and community initiative core values. Avon has shown itself to be a company with a strategic plan that involves both business continuity and sustainability, this helps understand the success of the company and the longevity of its history. Avon

This existing organization has been successful for many years. The company’s focus for the past century has been women. Whether it is women they are employing or women who are their stakeholders. Avon has built one of the most powerful distribution channels in history and it continues to grow. When Avon started to go global in 1954 with their brands, they experienced a sales increase of 59% in only one year (AVON, 2009). Over the next 60 years, Avon continued to go global, which indeed has helped the Avon image; this has allowed the organization to grow. Avon is a premium example of an organization that continues to grow. Avon has used the power of advertising as well as word of mouth advertising to get the word out about their blooming business. Avon’s mission and vision include becoming the “world’s most trusted beauty company” by way of their “products, service and self-fulfillment needs of women-globally” (AVON, 2009). Avon has been successful in their business by offering one of kind exclusive brand products. Avon’s line of products has increased from perfume to make up and broadening their scope of products to include items from products that every woman may need and her little girls. Avon is a strong advocate for women and continues to support women in breast cancer awareness, fighting against domestic violence and also by empowering women all across the globe. With Avon being socially responsible to their stakeholders, they have proven to be successful in retaining their employees as well as their stakeholders. The organization places a strong focus on their stakeholders. In their quest to be the “Most Admired Company” Avon states they will “deliver superior returns to our shareholders by tirelessly pursuing new growth opportunities while maintaining commitment to social responsibility and ethics”- this Avon believes will be emulated as a model of success (AVON, 2009). Avon relies on the trust and respect of their stakeholders. Avon has taken on a “for women, by women approach” making the purchasing of their product easy and inexpensive. Women can make purchases from an independent Avon sales representative without leaving the comfort of their own home. This is often beneficial to women with busy schedules, women with small children and women who like the exclusive products of Avon. For this Avon has been labeled as an accommodating business for women across the globe. They continue to build continuity through their stakeholders and their employees alike. By selling Avon products, women can take advantage of opportunities while remaining in control of their lives. Women that sell Avon products all come from various walks of life. Some women choose to make a full career out of selling Avon products and others use it as a means of a secondary income. Avon continues to keep up on the trends of retail and fashion industry, many Avon products are being developed to meet the needs of women of all ages from infant little girls to a woman of older age. Avon is often used for gift...
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