Business Communications reflection

Topics: How to Win Friends and Influence People, Want, Language Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Final Reflection

Communication can be seen as the most important part of our life because living without communication, we cannot express our wants or understand the others’ needs, then there is no development at all. However, communication, particularly speaking, is not my strong point. That is the reason why I took Business Communications course. After ten weeks studying this course, I realize that my speaking skill have improved a lot. Surprisingly, the remarkable improvement is not only in Vietnamese but also in English speaking skill. Before studying at university environment, I used to think that there would be jobs that suitable for people that are not good at communication like me. Therefore, I did not work hard to improve that hindrance. I am afraid that what I say is stupid, then, people will laugh at me. I am also not sense of humour, so things I say usually are not interest. If I talk too much people will get bored and then, they will get away from me. Especially, when someone that talks a lot to me, I will definitely feel dizzy, even headache. I afraid people are the same as me. I do not want to drive them crazy. That is why I prefer listen people talk to speak to them. When I started learning English, I hoped that one day I could speak English as excellent as native people. However, although I can hear people speak English very well, I cannot speak fluently. When I practice by myself, I do not feel depressed because there is no one around me. Not being observed by anyone else helps I talk out loud what I think inside naturally and confidently. However, when I stand in front of people, I cannot open my mouth, and just smile stupidly instead. I am scared of pronouncing wrongly and using incorrect words. If I want to say something, I have to spend time on remembering vocabularies and arranging words following correct grammars. It takes me long time, so I just say keywords. Of course, people cannot understand clearly want I want to convey. Things...
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