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Jan Cervenka
HC-BUS-F Group B
2009 – 2010
Table of Contents
This report was commissioned by Doctors Campbell and Stewart and compiled by Jan Cervenka of Total Administrative and Organisational Solutions (TAOS). It was compiled in order to examine the organisational issues and problems of Cairnwell Health Centre. The organisation risks losing additional funding for the next five years if the problems are not solved. The main issues are low staff morale; high levels of stress-related absenteeism and a lack of appropriate IT. This report aims to examine these issues in detail and make recommendations for change. The organisation is Cairnwell Health Centre, which is located in the middle of the Hamewith housing estate in Fraserhead. It is headed up in partnership by doctors Campbell and Stewart. They employ a number of staff: a Practice Manager, two receptionists, two typists, an archivist and nursing staff. The capacity of the Centre is about 1000 patients. The report was to be submitted by 5 October 2009.

Methods of Investigation
Questionnaires were distributed to patients on 5th September Results were collected on 10th September.
Staff questionnaires were distributed on 5th September 2009. Results were collected on 10th September 2009. Observation of the surgery was held on 11th September. Costing for new IT system was researched with Hewlett & Packard on 15th September 2009. Doctors Stewart and Campbell were interviewed on 20th September Findings

Patient Questionnaires (Appendix 1)
Of the one thousand copies of Patient Questionnaires, which were distributed among patients, there were eight hundred and seventy six replies. The outcome was debatable, as you can see in PATIENT QUESTIONNAIRE OUTCOME (Appendix 2). Staff questionnaire (Appendix 3)

Ten copies of the Staff Questionnaire out of fifteen copies were handed back to staff. The outcome of the Staff Questionnaire was more definite (Appendix 4). All members of staff felt uncomfortable within their occupation. All of them thought that the approach of the Practice Manager and leading doctors was not satisfactory. Members of nursing staff stated that they felt they are forced to work overtime very often. The typists and receptionists also pointed out that IT equipment is out of date. Their complaints were mainly addressed to the stability of hardware and to theage of software applications. Sometimes, they were unexpectedly unable to type in or find out personal data of patients, this causes long delays. Staff also think that that IT equipment does not let them work as well as they can. The majority of staff members would also welcome more training, because they sometimes can not deal with problems they face every day. They do not know, for example, how to deal with rude or elderly patients properly. Observation

The main issues, which were extracted from both Patient and Staff Questionnaires, were affirmed by the observation of the surgery. The observation was held in the reception area, waiting area and staff area. It was noticed, that queues at the reception were undesirably long. Approximate waiting time was between 15-20 minutes. The receptionists were unpleasant and frustrated. It was found that this was caused by the computer, which stopped working suddenly. One of the receptionists tried to calm down waiting customers, but not successfully. The Practice Manager started shouting at the receptionist instead of helping her. They often did not answer telephone calls. Research into IT solutions

It was found that the IT systems of the surgery were out of date and thus, very slow and unstable. Sometimes, it was impossible to type in personal information of the patients, because memory storage of the computers was full. In some cases, it was also impossible to find out personal data of patients due...
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