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Audience Analysis Paper


Katrice Bottoms

October 28, 2010

Prof. Stella Kalfas

Audience Analysis

Communication in the business world must be effective for a company to strive in a competitive

market. Miller Company has called an in person meeting with a group of stakeholders including

managers, salespeople, and customers to discuss quarterly sales information. To communicate

effectively with the internal and external audience’s, an audience analysis must be done to capture the

audience attention. This paper will analyze the characteristics of the audience, the proper

communication channels, the diversity of the audience to ensure the message is effective. The speaker

must be able to realize the quarterly sales report is important to all groups in the

audience. A speaker must make preparations when dealing with a diverse audience.

(Locker, Kienzler, 2008).

When dealing with a vast group of people research must be done so the speaker will better

understand his or her audience. Each person in the group have different needs and wants, so a speaker

needs to understand the needs and wants of the group. He or she also should have control of the

audience through the meeting, allowing questions and feedback at certain times throughout the meeting

is helpful so the speaker does not lose control of the meeting. Knowledge of the company would be

helpful to the audience, make them aware of where the company is and where it will be in the

future will play a part of if the meeting is a success. For Example, if the quarterly sales did not meet the

expected goals, the speaker should be prepared to satisfy the audience with plans for the future.

Knowing what each member of the audience is expecting and knowing how to make his or her positive

goal a reality may be the key ingredient to saving the meeting. The speaker must consider the

audience’s point of view to gain a better understanding to approach a diverse group.

Managers in the audience are more concerned how the quarterly sales will affect the people

and profits of the organization. Managers will be looking for the speaker to deliver a professional

response of the quarterly sales, the salespeople are concerned with the quarterly sales results to help

improve their sales. Presenting an idea of how the company is doing can give a salesperson a vision of

what direction the company is going and knowledgeable ideas of where the company should be. As

both managers and salespeople sit analyzing these important facts customers will be concerned with the

product and service and how the product is doing in the market, is the product worth buying, these are

questions that will come from the customers. Customers may also be more interested in sales, One

must realize that these customers will be interested in both the disadvantages and the advantages of the

product and quarterly sales. The speaker must be prepared to give feedback on both. All audience

members will be looking to pull something from the quarterly sales meeting, so preparation is the key

to addressing all members of the audience.

Various business communication channels can be used during the quarterly sales meeting, face-

to- face communication that is called verbal communication can be used to speak to members of the

audience. The speaker will have a face- to- face communication allowing the audience members to feel

comfortable when discussing the sales of the products and how the company is doing. Although the

speaker is speaking face- to- face with the audience, members may tend to miss an important point.

Another channel that can be used to address the audience would be by a PowerPoint presentation. This

channel is very effective when dealing with large audiences... By using PowerPoint presentations,

important points can be highlighted in...

References: Locker, K., & Kienzler, D. (2008). Business and Administrative Communication (8th edition). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.
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