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Topics: Parking, Parking lot, Employment Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: June 15, 2013
1. Describe the different kinds of audience with ways to analyze them. 2. What should be the determining factors in the use of visuals (graphics)? 3. Explain the principal differences between written and virtual reports. 4. Define intercultural communication and how can we improve our ability to communicate inter-culturally?

5. Write an appropriate subject line for each of these situations: a. A letter informing the reader that his life insurance policy #29832 will expire soon, due to non-payment of premium
b. A letter to a bank suggesting that a separate deposit window be opened from merchants from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. each workday
1. What are the different ways to adapt your message to your audience? 2. Rewrite and reorganize the following negative message to make it more positive. 3. What three aspects of a document does thorough revision cover? 4. How do you decide whether to use a direct request or a problem-solving persuasive message?

5. Discuss the guidelines to be kept in mind while writing e-mail messages. Dear Renter:
Effective October 1 2013, the rent for your parking space will go up $75 a month. However, our parking lot is still not the most expensive in town.
Many of you have asked us to provide better snow and ice removal and to post signs saying that all spaces are rented so that a car can be towed if it parks in your space. Signs will be posted by October 10, and if we get any more snow, Acme Company has contracted to have the lot cleared by 7 a.m.

Enclosed is a new parking sticker. Please hang it on your rear view mirror. Sincerely
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1. What are the characteristics and different aspects of non-verbal communication? 2. What should you know about yourself and the organization before you apply for jobs? 3. How do you decide whether to use a chronological or a skills resume? How...
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