Business Communication

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Business Communication

Topic: short / informal reports categories and formats of reports


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Section (A)

What is report?
An orderly and objective communication of factual information that serves a business purpose. What is short report?
The short report consists of a title page and the report text normally. Like most of the less formal report forms, the short report may be organized in either the direct order or indirect order. But the direct order is more common. This plan begins with a quick summary of report including the conclusions and recommendations. Because many organization heavily depend upon the short reports. There are many varieties written for the different purposes. Some companies have their particular report forms. There are many types of short reports but we will define three of them only, as follows: 1. Routine operational reports:

The majority of the reports written within the companies are routine reports that informs to the supervisors, top managers and other employees of the organization about the company’s all activities. These reports can be for daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. It depends upon the work nature that if sufficient task like all the policy making rules have to define then it will be in more concise form that every one can understand easily. For the various purposes we can use this form of report. For example the production data, the data of loyal customers etc. The formation of this type of repot varies from company to company and managers to manager.

The content / format of this report:
❖ The name comes from the fact that what is inside the report and it must be written with in 15 minutes. That’s why we define its name first of all so that this name clearly defined the required information efficiently and on time. Most of the organizations define some standard for the short operation report because managers don’t have sufficient time to write on the daily or monthly basis by defining its whole format. So they define a standard that these contents must include in the report so that reader can understand easily. ❖ The findings of a particular sample must be given in a chronological order so that readers can understand quickly. And must use the appropriate headings if required any. ❖ In the end of routine report just put the summary, which may include or not according to the data required. 2. Progress reports:

This report review progress on an activity. This report focuses on the progress toward a specific goal. If someone is working on a project under the supervision of a boss then he or she must have to write a progress report for that project to his or her immediate boss or manager to show the progress of that project that work is on the track. Progress report can be formal or informal depending on the work nature. But most are informal and narrative. And one important factor which must use in this report that is subject i.e. “I” or “we”. If we are using the word “I” in the progress report that “I have done all this” then it shows really negative behavior and “we” shows the best motivation tool in the progress report. The format / content of this report:

❖ Describe the purpose and nature of the project first. ❖ Present a summary of work already completed.
❖ Describe work currently in the progress including personnel, methods. ❖ Forecast future activities related to the project. ❖ In the end include recommendations and request.
3. Recommendation reports:
A recommendation report is a detailed report submitted to readers who are usually in a high management position, like as, supervisors, top managers, head of departments, buyers of company, and elected officials, to accept...

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