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P1 – Explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes. There are various different types of transporting information across from one party to another, and each of the business information processes have their unique source and purpose within a particular organisation. When looking at the various different types of business information one of the main thing that we firstly have to understand is what information is in its own. Personally I feel information is a very wide range of sources in which a business individual who is effective would be able to translate and use for his/her benefit or the benefit of a certain organisation(s), this could also be the knowledge of specific events or situations that has been gathered or received by communication; intelligence or news. There are various ways of passing information; these could either be Verbal or Written. Types of information

Verbal Information: this form of information could either be face-to-face, recorded or made through the phone or like a webcam device. It is proven that the best way to communicate is through face-to-face. Face to face communication makes it very easy and reliable and is less likely to be misunderstood because the person giving the information could explain until the receiver is clear of the message. Although most businesses especially large businesses will find it difficult to communicate with the staff members so this would not always be the chosen means of communication, but it is very important to make use of different forms of communications when they are most suitable. On the other hand Telephone communication is a very useful means of communicating whereby you find it challenging to meet up with the person(s), but this is also a good means of communication because it’s also easily understood although you cannot see the person(s) body language which would make it slightly more difficult them face-to-face communication. The range of verbal...
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