Business Communication

Topics: Communication, Message, Perception Pages: 10 (2627 words) Published: July 29, 2013
Assessment One:

Communication is the way in which human thoughts and feelings move one person’s mind to another. Communication skills are among the most important used in business environment. Increasing person’s knowledge, skills and abilities regarding communication will be vital in a professional development. Regardless of knowledge and technical skills from other areas, the ability to communication will strongly affect:

. All your working relationships

. How others perceive you – personally and professionally

. How others perceive your work

In this essay, I would like to discuss three communication theories as including as Aristotle Rhetoric model, Berlo’s S-M-C-R model and Shannon and Weaver model. On the other hand, their relevance with my current workplace will be discussed. Some examples from my own experience of the workplace will be provided. And one of the communication theories will cover an explanation of the process of communication. A section on how self concept, perception, and culture, influence the communication process also will be included.

Aristotle Rhetoric:


Aristotle Rhetoric theory that is a persuasive rhetorical skill and it emphasised the role of the listener as key to communication. For of the three elements in speech-making-speaker (sender), subject (context), and person addressed (receiver) that it is the last one, the hearer who determines the speech’s end and object. The hearer must be either a judge, with a decision to make about things past or future, or an observer. Communication exists to affect the giving of decisions. The orator must not only try to make the argument of his speech demonstrative and worthy of belief. The orator must also make his own character look right and put his listeners, who are to decide, in the right frame of mind. (SBG online notes)

For example, I used to worked in the conference department of REGYES Hotel CHCH for four years and the duty manager should inform some working information to staff every time before conference start. The manager used rhetorical skill during a short speech. She used to stir up audience with confident emotion all the time by some body language and facial expression. Finally, the concise working requirement will be delivered to me clearly.

Berlo’s S-M-C-R Model:


David Berlo’s model (1960) is similar to Aristotle’s model. In this case, Berlo provides greater insight into the factors within the sender and receiver, as including as their skills in communicating, their knowledge of the subject, their culture and their attitudes towards themselves, towards the content and towards the other person or people involved in the exchange.

Berlo’s model is heavy emphasis on the relationship between the source and receiver. The way both parties (source/receiver) encode and decode the message will depend on their communication skills such as speaking, writing, listening and reading.

The importance of communication skills of Berlo’s model will affect our ability to analyse our own purpose and intentions, our ability to say something when we communicate. In addition, it affects our ability to encode messages which say what we intend our communication skills, our facility for handling, the language code, affect our ability to encode thoughts that we have. We certainly have experienced times when we feel frustration because we can’t find the words to express what we want to say. Note that finding the right word is not simply a matter of finding one which expresses what we want to say to our satisfaction. It also has to mean the same thing to the receiver.

It considers the source, message, channel, and receiver, as well as the importance of the psychological view in the communication model. Berlo’s model is broken down into four areas with each area containing essential elements. (SBG online notes; Berlo, D. 1960)

The explanation of the process of Berlo’s model will be provided...
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