Business Communication

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Documents Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: July 15, 2013
Evaluating Business Communication: Document 1 and 2
When communicating with different levels of a company it is important to chose the most effective and appropriate source of communication. In addition, ethics should be considered in how and what information is being presented. This report will review two documents from members of an accounting team advising the sales manager and marketing manager from Riordan Company about the results of the review of JJJ’s financials. By reviewing these two documents, the effectiveness of the sources and attention to ethics can be examined. Appropriateness and Effectiveness of the Documents

Document 1 is a Memorandum to Dana, the Marketing Manager. This source is formal enough to present Dana with the review of JJJ Company’s financials. Although Document 1 is an appropriate source, the document is not effective in presenting Dana with all the information that matters to her. JJJ Company’s financial status is clear but the effect this has on marketing channels is not fully detailed. Instead, the paper focuses solely on profits; this focus is more appropriate for the Marketing Manager. Document 2 is an e-mail to Mark, the Sales Manager. E-mails can provide about the same level of formality as a memorandum so this source is also an appropriate choice to a Marketing Manager. An IM would have been too informal to provide this information to a manager and a report would have provided more information than needed by a marketing manager but appropriate for an ad hoc committee or CEO. Like Document 1, the financial status of JJJ Company is clearly defined but unlike Document 1, ethical boundaries are surpassed. Attention to Ethics

Document 1 stays within the boundaries of not revealing too much information reserved to higher ups such as he CEO. It clearly states the financial instability of JJJ Company but it does not confirm that the acquisition is not going through. The writer understands that the confirmation should come from the...
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