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Communication 1. Business Communication
Essentials of Communication in Modern Business
Communication in modern business settings has changed dramatically and requires new skills and techniques. communication image by araraadt from
The communication skills needed to succeed in the modern business world are vastly different than they were just a few years ago. The advances in technology and proliferation of new types of communication tools mean that business communicators must know about a wide range of communication techniques to meet the needs of various audiences. Embracing Social Media

Social media has taken the world by storm and many businesses are frantically attempting to catch up, says Lin Grensing-Pophal, in "Managed Care Magazine." Although social media is not a must for all, it's important for business communicators to understand the various options available to them and, most important, how their various audiences may use these tools. Social media tools can be used with external, customer, audiences, as well as internally. Companies can, for instance, establish their own Facebook page or LinkedIn group to create opportunities for internal sharing and community development. Recognizing Value of Video

YouTube has popularized the use of video and the cost of technology makes it easier than ever before for just about anyone to use web cameras or flip cams to incorporate sound and images in their communications. As modern business members come to expect communication in a variety of formats, business communicators are finding themselves increasingly required to produce communication messages in print as well as video formats. Coordinating Use of Multiple Tools

The key to effective communication in any environment is using a variety of tools to deliver messages to varied audiences. Combining traditional tools--meetings or newsletters for instance--with modern tools, such as social media and video, can help to ensure that messages are conveyed to a broad audience that may have different communication preferences and comfort levels. This is particularly true in business environments where the audience ranges from about-to-retire baby boomers to the millenial generation. Verbal Vs. Nonverbal Communication

Heather M. Moss
Based in Oklahoma, Heather M. Moss is a professional writer, editor, and teacher. She holds an English degree from Oklahoma State University and has been published in "The Stillwater Forum," "Papyrus Literary Magazine," and eHow. Though Moss is a skilled research writer, she is also a creative writer and is currently working on a novel. Communication occurs when you transmit information to another person. Successful communication occurs when the recipient of the message actually understands what you are trying to tell him and then provides feedback letting you know that he understands the message. We are constantly communicating with each other, both with words and without. Because communication goes beyond the words we say, we often experience problems in our attempts to communicate effectively with others. Verbal Communication

* Verbal communication consists of the spoken, as well as the written word. You can effectively express your message by using denotation, the dictionary meaning of a word, and connotation, the feelings associated with a word. Choosing exactly the right word increases the chances of your listener understanding the message you want to send. A common cause of misunderstanding during verbal communication is that our language constantly changes. New words are created and meanings of established words change with the generations and developments in technology. Non-Verbal Communication

* Non-verbal communication can complement or contradict the spoken message. The tone and inflection of the speaker's voice can emphasize the point, show conflict between what is spoken and what is meant, and reinforce the emotion of the message. Body language, such...
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