Business Communication

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IBA Alumni Development Committee

Structure of the presentation:
* Scenario analysis.
* What is persuasion.

* Strategy before persuasive writing.
* Reader Analysis.
* Product / Service Analysis
* Market Segmentation.

* Strategy during persuasive Writing.

Direct Vs Indirect Strategy. (Brief Description)
* Why indirect strategy is preferred in persuasive letters.

* Attention
* Interest
* Desire
* Action.

* A sample Letter to the respected alumni

* Question Answer session.

Objective: Campus is building a new alumni house which will serve as a focal point for all alumni activities and each college will have its own room in the building for meetings, social gatherings and activities.Somebody has donated funds for the building but funds are short for furnishing. We are supposed to write a letter to solicit funds of $ 30,000 from alumni.

Dear Mr. Ilyas
Managing Director
Managerial Communications (Pvt) Ltd
Dear Sir,

Won’t you feel proud when your Alma meter stands out as having the best state of art campus facilities in the city.
We appreciate that you are certainly already doing a great job to society and making the Institute proud of you by making good profits, generating employments, helping other businesses to smooth their cash flows and of course paying government taxes to run the business of the country.

But don’t you feel it all is becoming tougher and tougher because of increasing competition and shrinking global markets. Multinationals are enjoying the services of employees who are more competent in their professional lives due to stronger academics. However, International testing services has proved that our Institutes’ graduates have higher IQ level than many of other foreigners but yet they fail to deliver the quality which foreigners have delivered. I have asked this question from a recently gold medalist student of IBA and he...
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