Business Communication

Topics: Communication, Message, Barrier Pages: 17 (4840 words) Published: October 28, 2012

Business communication is used to promote a product, service, or organization, relay information within the business or deal with legal and similar issues. It is also a means of relaying between a supply chain, for example the consumer and manufacturer. An organizations profit or loss is decided by the level of expertise shown by the members of the organization towards business communication. Both internal and external communication plays a vital part in the organizations growth. Internal communication is vital because the members of any organization should understand clearly the organizations goals so that they can efficiently work towards achieving the organizational goals. External communication is vital because to sell the products an organization has to make buyers aware of the product and has to influence the buyer’s decision using efficient business communication so that their product will reach more customers. To make business communication effective we need to understand the barriers or problems that hinder efficiency in business communication. All of us are involved in business communication in some or other way in our day to day life. Every day transactions that we make for our basic needs like food, clothing etc involves business communication. All of us have experienced business communications and also all of us have experienced problems in business communication. In my experience I have come across various problems in business communication. For example, in my profession of teaching I have experienced problems in business communication when I should communicate with parents of the kids about the kid’s progress and the organizations future plans and when I should communicate with my coworkers for managing activities and when I should communicate with the managers of the organization regarding my work status, my concerns, and ideas to improve performance. I faced problems while communicating with people from different cultural background, and when I am emotionally disturbed or when my perspective is different from the perspective of the other person with whom I am having business communication. There are many barriers like the above mentioned came across in my professional and personal life. This would be the common scenario in many of our life. But we all find different ways to overcome these barriers, for example, I tried to learn the language and culture of the people I am communicating with, but it required lots of time which made us find another way of solving the problem by the use of universal language like English. But still the problem of difference in cultural background was not easy to resolve. Likewise for different kinds of barriers we take different approaches for overcoming the barrier. But what we should be done precisely is what we all should understand. Lot of research has happened in the past and is still happening to find out highly effective ways of overcoming communication barriers, and these researches has paved way for the creation of many tools and techniques to analyze barriers for effective communications and recommendations for overcoming the barriers. Researches show that there are five main obstacles to effective communication namely perceptual barriers, Emotional barriers, Cultural barriers, Language barriers and Interpersonal barriers, which is also my experience. All the barriers affect one or all of the major elements of communication, namely idea, sender, receiver, Message, channel and Feedback. These barriers are found to be prevalent in every organization that where studied and it is found that there is no scientific approach taken towards overcoming these barriers. Researches also show that successful organizations follow best practices for communication. For example, the well-known search engine Google, attributes its success to simplistic and more understandable presentation of information and in minimizing the distortion...
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