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Business Communication

In this unit I will be required to write a report of the types of communication used within a business. Effective communication is an essential part of a successful business. Communication involves the transmission of information from one place or one person to another; this is because the information is communicated in the form of a message. There are two main forms of business communication: Internal communication, i.e. communication within the business. External communication, i.e. communication outside the business. Communication is vital within a business as it’s used to communicate with customers, employees and owners. Tesco need to communicate with a range of individuals and organisations, including their customers, their competitors and their suppliers. In this unit I will be discussing how Tesco uses communication and the types of communication they use. It’s essential if Tesco is going to achieve its objectives and to operate effectively. Tesco have a lot of channels of communication internally/externally between their functional areas. Communication is vital to Tesco because then everyone is clear about objectives, there is smooth and accurate communication both within the organisation (internal) and between the organisation and other individuals (external), The five main forms of communication that I will discuss in this report is:

• Verbal
• Written
• Onscreen
• multi-media
• Web based

Different types of business information sources and purpose

Verbal communication: When it comes to business, verbal communication is very important for the reason being that you are dealing with a variety of people through out the day. Verbal communication is one way for people to communicate face-to-face and also on the telephone. When it comes to verbal communication people communicate in the form of words meaning it’s a form of talking to one another. In Tesco PLC verbal communication is vital for the reason being it allows the business to communicate face to face to customers for example in Tesco they have a customer help desk which allows customers to talk to an advisor about any problems or information they need. The purpose for verbal communication is that it allows customers to be heard, to be appreciated and to be wanted. Verbal communication is used by Tesco’s human resources they are responsible for the hiring and firing of employees, for staff training and development, and for dealing with matters relating to industrial relations. That’s why human resources. Another Purposes of having verbal communication is that it’s necessary for Tesco to adapt the process of verbal communication in to there customers services, customer service is the skills needed to successfully complete any customer interaction, whether it be in person, via phone or online therefore verbal communication is essential to achieve good customer service .In conclusion it is vital for employees to develop good verbal communication skills as it improves the relationships and interactions between customer and employee.

Written information: Written communication involves any type of interaction that makes use of the written word. It is one of the two main types of communication, along with verbal communication.Written communication is the ability to express ourselves effectively when we write and this is recognised as being a vital business skill. Most businesses communicate extensively by writing: emails, memos, reports, articles, papers etc. In Tesco they use Written information constantly as the human resources department of Tesco adapt written communication providing direction for the people who work in the organisation for example communicating with customers, shareholders and stakeholders by writing a form of written message such as letters and memo informing each individual is required to do. The purpose of written communication is to inform customers of any...
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