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Topics: Learning styles, Auditory learning, Visual learning Pages: 24 (4883 words) Published: March 10, 2015
 Coursework front sheet ( for Portfolio)
Student name:
Assessment 1 AS1 : Portfolio
Tutor :
Date :
Grade Awarded :
Key assessment criteria
Very Good
Some serious weaknesses
Marginal Fail
Fail/ Unsatis-factory
Completeness of Portfolio meeting all the task requirements

Lexis, structure and use of English
( grammatical accuracy )

Language appropriacy with clear evidence of objective & subjective styles as appropriate

Ability to express ideas effectively and accurately

Good evidence of Reflective learning.

Quality and depth of
subject material indicating knowledge and understanding
in selecting and ordering content





Portfolio Contents

Part A: Reflective learning log 4
What I understand about reflective learning 5
The use of English as a Global language 6
Unit 1:
Skill set & behaviour assessment 7
VAK Learning styles questionnaire 8
My VAK result 9
My Training plan10
Unit 2:
Personal language history11
Language Questionnaire12
Personal plan for language development13
Unit 5: Business ethics14
Part B: Application Activities15
Unit 1: A set of instructions16
Unit 3: A semi-formal email to Mary from Jim17
Unit 4: Report on internationalizing a brand18
Unit 6: Minutes of the development meeting20
Unit 8: Brief to consultant22
Unit 10: e-Mail on adapting a commercial website24

Part A
Reflective learning log


What I understand about reflective learning

Reflective learning is learning through reflection. It is indispensable to learn a result of the inspection process of re-thinking and understanding. Reflective learning also is an action, it allows people to redesign themselves what he or she will doing better and better. I can learn in the activity and continue the activities in the process of introspection from which I can get deeper.

In between business and personal development, reflective learning is the way to success. From my point of view, to engage in introspection is not just memory or review but also to find answers to problems. It is to explore the questions and answers from my study, after experiencing activities and to reconstruction my own understanding and preoccupation with my own thoughts or feeling. It is the process of self-activity.

I will learn and make changes in various directions, such as experience, observation, reflection and planning. Take my example of ride bicycle when I was young. At the first time, I need to know how to move and stop, I fall down always. To reduce fall down (mistake), I need to reflect the process of riding and analysed whether the speed and control. I reflected and try many times. I got the balance. Now I can ride bicycle. In my daily works are need to find solution continuously, e.g. Balance the quality and cost to use office resources more effectively. Every experience is worth learning, which reflects on the new program and should be the way to go.

I believe that, learning is a process much as organisms digest food and absorb nutrients and it can’t be replaced by other methods. And practice also is a right way for testing the truth of reflective learning. At the end you will find reflective learning is the best way for personal growth and importance of business development.

The use of English as a Global language

Language is a basic human ability and this ability is like a tool or a system that people to communicate. A global language means many people in the world are using this tool or system to communicate. In the worldwide, we normally using English, Spanish, French and Chinese but...
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