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Topics: Corporation, Limited company, Social media Pages: 5 (1428 words) Published: December 3, 2014
My business that I am doing my controlled assessment on is called Chic’N’Dona which is a takeaway shop located s Highfields, Leicester. The shop is located near some of its competitors. (See Figure 1) in. Chic’N’Dona is a Niche market as it sells to everyone and doesn’t have specific customers to sell to. Its USP is Donna which his competitors don’t use this is good as he can sell food that his competitors sell and also sell his USP to his customers as well. Company type: Private Limited Company Company number: 08204405 Company status: Active Company homepage, website: N/A Country of origin: United Kingdom. Plus the company isn’t in liquidation. (See figure 0.1)

Analyse of existing promotional methods:
This company promotes in four different ways. One way they promote is by using leaflets (see figure 2) that they post to people’s houses and also give them out when people visit here shop. The advantage of this method is that the people will be informed of what they sell and where there located. Another advantage of leaflets are is that if there bright and hold bold letter it interest you which means you will want to read more information. This method is effective as I spoke to the owner and he told me that a lot of customers have been coming to his shop since posting the leaflets. Plus I did a questionnaire and found out that the majority of people got to know the shop by the leaflet.

Another method they use is they promote themselves on just eat which is a famous online takeaway website (see figure 3). The advantages of this method Is that more people will be aware of the business as a lot of people now days use the internet to buy certain items. An additional advantage is that .A disadvantage for this method is that some people might not have access to the internet or might not trust putting their card details on the internet. Another common disadvantage is that people might make things up and review your business bad on just-eat and also you can’t tell them to remove it which means it will stay there unless you remove your business from just-eat. This method is effective as other companies use this method and have had he success from this. Also this method gets them promoted on the local radio which is really effective as more and more people will hear about it.

Another method they use to promote is by using good word of mouth. This method is highly effective as a lot of their competitors have used this method and have received huge success. An advantage for this is that it’s cost-effective which means they don’t have to pay to promote themselves which means they’re saving a lot of money on advertising. A downside to this method is that its limited coverage; which means it will take longer than usual to get your business popular e.g. A customer will a friend about your business who will then buy food from your business and tell their friends. This type of advertising is usually limited to family and friends, which means it will take longer to get promote than promoting through TV or radio. Another method they promote is by promoting themselves on social media sites like Facebook (See figure 4). This type of promotion is good as a lot of people in these times use social media websites. It’s used tointeract with customers and shows them that you care, which, in turn, breeds loyalty. This also boosts your reputation. Secondly, the cost for this method is completely free which means they don’t have to spend a penny to attract customers. Thirdly it’s fast to get information to your customer which means customers can see your latest offers online instead of travelling to the shop to see what offers you have. Unfortunately there are some bad points for this type of promotion. The facts that you can tell them some mislead information which means they will get on to the wrong side which means they won’t want to buy from you. Also you need high skilled talent to keep your social media updated...
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