Business Case Template

Topics: Strategic management, First-mover advantage, Project management Pages: 3 (453 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Business Case Template

Project Title:
Business Unit:
Business Sponsor:

1) What is it you want to accomplish?

a) Specific objectives?

b) Type of activity—develop new product or service; or Enhancement (new benefits) to existing product/service; or Update/Modernization of existing product/service

2) Identify business case and link these to strategic goals of your operating unit ? 3)
c) Is this a necessity to deliver expected member/customer benefits?

d) What does this do to your competitive position, including first mover advantage or is it a me-too?

e) What market research/evidence exists that it will provide exactly what the market is calling for?

4) What benefits can be expected by investing in this effort?

f) Who will benefit—internal, external stakeholders (members, customers, or partners)?

g) Quantify benefit for each affected above—e.g., increase in number engaged in product/service, fewer internal staffing to support activity

h) Translate benefit into more members and/or customers (how many more), satisfaction (how much more), productivity (how many fewer staff or time to support) and how does that translate into recognized financial gain—revenues and profit

i) Define the ability to clearly document success through well-defined and monitored outcome measures.

5) What are the business risks of not doing the project

j) What opportunities will be missed, what efficiencies or reliability might be lost (or not gained), or what liabilities might be increased?

6) What are the business risks of doing the project

k) Are there alternative ways of accomplishing most of the objectives, and what is the justification for the additional effort and resources?

l) How will proceeding with this project affect other projects currently being worked on?

m) What are the possible risks to the organization’s...
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