Business Case Study on Bookworm Inc.

Topics: Stratified sampling, Sampling, Bachelor's degree Pages: 4 (904 words) Published: September 25, 2011
Case Study 6 Case Study Analysis


Case Questions:

1. What sources of information should Klein and Berman use? -Klein and Berman should use primary source of information because they needed personal experience and insights of their respondents, specifically students.

2. How should Klein and Berman gather data?
-Klein and Berman can gather data through informal interview with their clients if their client is compatible with Klein and Berman’s preferred source. -They can also visit union cafeteria as what they’ve said and conduct stratified or clustered sampling.

3. What questions should they ask?
If a client:
-Are you a student of VU?
-Are you an undergraduate or a graduate student?
-Where do you usually make your copy?
-How many copies did you made for the past weeks or how many copies do you usually make for a month.

If grouped (union cafeteria, it is logical not to ask if they are students or not): -Are you undergrad or grad students?
-Where do you usually make your copies?
-How many copies do you usually make for a month?

4. How should they sample?
-They must do Non-random sampling because they must target their qualified respondents, mentions as VU students. -A non-random sampling technique called purposive where criteria are the basis to select their sample is the appropriate technique to be used in this sampling. -However, in a grouped interview, a random sampling (because the entire possible sample in the area are students) called stratified sampling technique could be used. This will made the acquisition of data quicker and better.

Case Study Analysis

Bookworm, Inc.

The bookworm, Inc. administrators, Nancy Klein and Susan Berman, were deciding whether to sell textbooks to the VU students or to open up new copy services. Nancy Klein at first was hesitating because their company could be overrun by the banks in one wrong move.

Also, the company lost $15,000 in a venture that’s why...
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